Long trip notification Sunday (today) anyone get one??


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The fatass that requested me to pick him up at Golden Corral buffet to his car 0.1 miles away in the parking was the icing on the cake that made me quit yesterday

That would make me murderous with rage which is not good for me or PAX. The other day I was using a DF from Glendale towards Disneyland and I got a ride that said was in my direction. It took me to Deep eastern Pasadena !!!! WTF. The things uber/PAX do...


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None today as of yet. I had one yesterday that went from San Clemente all the way to LAX. I only seem to get a couple of these a week.


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Three times i've gotten rides, and when I start the route it says 44 mins (1 minute below the 45 minute long distance notification)

Uber really does @@@@ you if your acceptance rate is low.

Ive been in 2.0x zones that were miles long, and the only pings I get are at base.

This shit is getting old.


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Was about to head home for the night when I noticed I was at 19/20 for my shitty quest so I thought, sure, I can ant a single ride just to get a few extra bucks. Headed over to shorty central (Disneyland) went online and of course got my very first Long Trip, lol. Declined it since it was a 1.1 and I just wanted to knock out a quick one. Next one I got, 30 min trip in the opposite direction from where I live *sigh*.

It's like they know and are trying to screw me whenever possible.


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Since I know everything, including my PAX destination, before they even order a ride.......this feature is useless to me