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Long trip, MUST PEE

Discussion in 'Advice' started by scottiekgb, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Have you ever stopped mid-fare? I barely made it to the gas station after dropping them off. My eyes were yellow.
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  2. How long of a trip ?
    On occasion,I have accepted a "ping"
    While pumping gas,or on a bathroom break( meals get tucked under seat)

    Once in a while,I may make a brief stop after acceptance ( before passenger pickup). 5 gal. Of gas or quick bathroom stop.

    If trip were over 20 miles , I would announce a brief relief stop. Bathroom,drinks,cigarette for pax etc. Or offer the brief stop if I did not need for myself.
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  3. In eme
    In Emergency,loading docks,alleys,behind dumpsters,in dumpster enclosure,between 18 wheeler trailer and a wall may serve in a bind.
  4. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Just be careful of your local dumpster diver. You really don't want to piss them off, or is it don't want to piss off on them?
  5. It was 26 miles, an hour and twenty minutes in L.A. traffic. I just was wondering if anyone has stopped and the pax got mad or something.
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  6. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    Just tonight I had 30 mile fare from the airport. Pee pee urge kicked in mid trip. Suck it up, drop my pax at her hotel and notice a Taco Bell next door. Nirvana! Start heading over for sweet relief and ping! Had to take it because I'm always certain the next ride will take me home! Paid both ways! Wrong! 3 bar hopping galoots heading 6 miles to the next bar. They offer to buy me a round. I said, no thanks but I will walk in with you! Took care of business and traveled the now 36 miles home solo...
  7. berserk42


    If I really have to go and see an opportunity after accepting a trip, I take it. Pax won't notice the delay...just a long traffic signal or something to them.
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  8. Horsebm


    San Diego
    I always have an empty Starbucks cup with me and I fill it throughout the day, with urine of course. I empty it when I'm at a red light on my way to pick up a passenger.
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  9. Squirming Like A Toad

    Squirming Like A Toad

    I've stopped to urinate on the side of the road on the way to a ping. Never want to have to do that in front of a passenger.
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  10. ounce(s) of prevention > the peepee dance

    gotta go big before you leave the house, and then a strategic time or two when a trip takes you near a public restroom location

    middle of the night can get tricky as far as finding an establishment, but there's a lot of vacant areas

    i wish i had the skills to use a cup
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  11. Ubertimes


    I wear depends, there helpful .
    If you got to go you just piss your pants, That depends do the rest
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  12. CrazyT


    I think I mentally mapped most of my area with where I can find a clean restroom. As an over 40 female, third tree on the right just doesn't work for me. I had it happen last night. On a run from BWI to Arlington, about half way in the urge hit. Needless to say after dropp off it was offline and locate somewhere still open at that hour. Usually I keep my Starbucks app loaded to order coffee and use the restroom while they're making it.
  13. SibeRescueBrian

    SibeRescueBrian Moderator

    Hillsborough, NJ
    Hotels and hospitals are always open, and have conveniently located restrooms; hotels usually have them near the main lobby, and hospitals have them in the ER waiting room.
  14. .18 cents a minute waiting time here.

    Hand them $1.00 and tell them to " Keep the Change".
  15. Not too many places open that will allow you the restroom where I work.( at late night)

    Lot of shootings and crime at night.

    I find the heated seats do wonders for the kidneys,and can buy extra time.

    Everything is fenced off,lit up,cameras. Parks have night security hiding,or vagrants sleeping.

    Even the brick walls have poor man's razor wire.broken colorful bottles embedded in the mortar topping.

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  16. It's $35.00 to park at many hotels.
    ( then your vehicle may end up blocks away in a parking garage)

    Hospital won't allow you in emergency unless you are patient,or family.
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  17. BurgerTiime


  18. One time at my regular job, we were driving group of Class A vehicles from Ontario, CA to Santa Barbara. We had already stopped for a bathroom break, but I had to pee again. I wasn't going to make it to our destination, and the boss said we weren't going to stop again. There were two Gatorade bottles in the cab. I half-stood while going 55 in a 15-ton truck on the 101 and filled both of them up, brimming. It was amazing.
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  19. SibeRescueBrian

    SibeRescueBrian Moderator

    Hillsborough, NJ
    WOW! That's very different than here in NJ, although it IS very much like NYC. Every hotel I've encountered in my travels has abundant free parking, and I've never had a problem using the men's room in a hospital ER.
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  20. Hats off to you for that skill! I could not do it while driving.

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