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Long shot questions on the positivity of Uber


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Good morning

I wonder if I could ask a couple of questions from anyone who has recently signed up with Uber.

Is it relatively easy to set up.

Also is there genuine earning potential.

Hours wise - days would be the preference what are peoples thoughts on the best timings during a working week

Lastly is there a positive side towards Uber, The forums are very negative so I wonder if there is a more balanced view.

Its something I am considering but its the leap of faith I'm hoping to get from others that have taken it up.

Hope to hear back soon

Many thanks



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Honestly mate, it's a waste of time. But I suppose it's better than no work at all.
My advice is steer well clear. However, saying that, nobody is going to listen. Curiosity and need for money will keep bringing people to Uber. Aswell as Uber's advertising. Therefore people will believe what they want to believe. See what they want to see.

So, if you are going to go for it. Don't say you haven't been warned.

The earning potential is really poor, unless you do a ridiculous amount of hours. The job is mentally and physically tiring. So once you exceed 40+ hours a week, you will be tired.
That's why in essence the hours for most people are capped by the ability of ones own body and mind to be awake and motivated for so many hours and driving safely. To make half decent earnings you must push past those limitations.

The drivers who make OK money are basically living in their cars. Making themselves ill. Uber is their life.

Remember, you start off the week behind. Meaning you have to earn money to pay for your insurance, fuel, car maintenance and other costs, before the earnings are truly yours. The first 10 or 15 hours you work may be just to cover your costs.

The positive is that you already have a car.

Have you already got your Private Hire licence?

Have you checked how much your insurance would be?


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Thanks again for the reply.... I'm in the process of sorting the licence and beginning the process regarding insurance.... Essentially this is a complete career switch. I agree the way its promoted clearly not the reality... Its a crossroads with my current situation being office based for so many years..

I dont have too many concerns in terms of hours up to 45ish a week... Its essentially the earning potential and the return. Are you sat waiting forever for bookings etc etc etc

Great advice as essentially the cost of insurance etc is a large proportion of the earnings so its a major factor......

My reckoning is 45 hours+ * £11.50(ish) £2.5k circa p/m - less licence, insurance (which could be prohibitive), fuel etc....

Its a lot to think about and why I'm hoping for a more posts positive and negative.

I am very grateful for the feedback its much appreciated.......


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You will be able to average a bit more per hour on Exec. But not lots more.
Exec drivers mainly do X jobs (standard lowest price jobs) while they are not doing Exec jobs, as there is not enough Exec work to keep you going all the time.

That means driving a BMW, Merc etc. while potentially picking up scallies from here, there and everywhere.