Long rides


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Last night just before midnight some guy wants me to take him to Newnan, GA from Howell Mill Rd. I had a 65 mile drive home late last night to Sandy Springs with no return fare and no tip. Thanks, @@@@@@@. My hourly average yesterday went from $20 to $14 because of that not to mention all the miles and gas.

I'm going to tell people I don't drive outside of metro Atlanta. I wouldn't do that to someone, and especially not tip.


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Yep I have had that happen once and while it seemed like a good idea at the time (after all we would rather long rides than short ones) I cussed myself the whole way back. Now I will only go 10-15 miles outside of the perimeter unless they negotiate to give me 10 bucks or so for gas. If they aren't interested, they can get out and wait for another Uber.


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I am very tempted to ask the rider what is their tipping policy before I start a 75 mile trip. It can be 150 miles round trip for $65.00.