Long rides don't answer their phones


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I'm in the Tenafly area and I get a ping for a long ride. I called and the rider hangs up. I called again and the rider hangs up again. I wait a minute and call again and the rider hangs up. So I canceled the ride.

Savvy riders who know that drivers without t&lc or limousine plates don't want to go into the five boroughs think if they don't answer the phone we will just show up and take them anyway. Think again.


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Why would you go to Tenafly then? Do you enjoy bringing their kids into schools or JCC? You accepted 45+, which means it is no EWR. What else do you expect? I hate this game as much as you do but when I accept 45+ in Tenafly that means I am willing to go to 5 boros.


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I always call the pax after accepting a long ride ping. If they tell me that they're going somewhere I don't want to go I tell them "Ok I'll be there shortly" then hang up and cancel the ride.


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I don’t blame you I would have canceled too. I wonder if they hang up because rides have been canceled on them in the past after the told the driver where they were going.

I usually only text them if it’s after midnight out of respect. If they don’t answer back then I’ll just ask them when I arrive before starting the ride. If it’s somewhere I don’t want to go I lie and say sorry it’s out of the way and I have to be home for my kids soon. The kids lie is the best one to use. People are more understanding when it comes to children. I once was honest and said I just couldn’t drive that far and that backfired. As much as I value honesty, this is one of the few scenarios where it’s better to lie.