Long island weeding out rif-raf pax.

I've been driving now a couple months, and heres my observations on the ratings system.

While I thought it was humourous at first, the car loads of drunk teenage (18, 19, 20), kids, the humour lasted about 5 mins.
In order to avoid it, I'm avoiding picking up pax with a rating lower than around 4.74 ish.

My observation is this. I've never seen or rarely seen a female pax that didnt have a 5 rating. Female pax are much better behaved drunk or not.
I HAVE seen guys with 5, but its still usually trouble or a brand new kid who just joined, and ends up being rowdy, un polite, etc...

I'm wondering if there's a conspiracy by other drivers to rate all girls as 5? YES really they are better behaved, but I wish someone would let me in the loop maybe HERE if i'm correct.
Is there an intentional effort to rate female pax at 5? Its not a bad idea, im just asking.
its not a coincedence.

My view is, if a guy is 4.7 he's probably been around a drivers keep giving him a 4. but if i guy is 4.3. he had to be trouble at some point. So unless I'm in a really good neighborhood, or its a surge, I'm not interested in wasting my time on 4.3 (for $3.53 minimum fare)

I think one intentional conspiracy, wbich would be great is, drivers rate them low, if they don't tip.
I have picked up some PAX with 4.5 ish (during a surge for example), and they are much nicer, right? suddleny they appreciate, in fact they are very conversational about ratings, and TIPS?

I could deal with a rif raf behavious if they slammed the tips, and it should be cash, why the heck not. So for me going forward, GUYS with NO cash tips, get a 4 or less if they are rude and demanding. Prior i was giving everybody a 5. not a good idea.

Its my car. I decided who gets in or not.
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When the new pickup request comes in, you see
1- Distance
2-the star rating of the person,
3- A mini map above, kinda sorta showing you where they are, although it took my time to get used to it.

Again, i've never seen one girl not be a 5 star pax, etc....I dont think its a coincedence considering most drivers are probably men.

I do alot of late nights on weekends, its when the teenage boys, are out drinking in packs and I just decided I'm not gonna deal with it.

My other big beef is this whole acceptance rating of myself/drivers, or cancellation rating. Its a mental head trip, uber tries to do to intimidate you to take every trip. Its really meaningless, except to confuse your brain. For $3.53 minimum fare, my car , sorry but I will decide who I pickup or don't pickup, and if I find myself driving down a dark road, I dont feel safe on, I hit "cancel" and then "dont charge the passenger".

My other newest restriction is this, if I get pinged on a 5 star PAX, names "maria" for example, and I get there, and its too rif-raf looking guys, I'm gonna hit cancel and not let them in. While PAx are allowed to use the app for their "friends"....I find these friends to usually be very rude and disrespectful. One time I picked up 2 bad looking dudes on a 5 star female >>>ping>>>.and the one was telling the other about the fact that he's going to jail soon to serve time. No thanks, my case, my $3.53 I dont need the headache.

I'm not gonna get rich with this, its 8 to 10 dollars and hour best case scenario, Im really into pickin and choosing my PAX.


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I will have to check again why cant we see the ratings before we get there? can you take a screenshot because I just see where we are going etc

I only see distance
Yes, women are better passengers than men, thus the higher ratings in general.

You have to rate drivers before you see what they tip so tipping usually doesn't drive the rating the passenger gets.

Don't pick up anyone lower than a 4.6 rating.
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I think by the time they get out of the car the male passengers usually either refer to the fact they're gonna tip, or they tip you in hand. Therefore if neither happens I assume no tip is coming from them.


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i have given a female a 1 star. She was drunk, sat on front with an attitude, not going to the exact location she entered, slammed my door. I very rarely see any 5 stars for anyone on Uber and if I do they are usually less than 3 rides (learned from conversation).
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Great screenshot. I agree with above, the new riders start off with a 5, so sometimes its tricky to weed out the rif raf. this weekend is presidents weekend, likely college kids with be back and plenty of new riders with 5's. The only way they're gonna learn is if drivers slam down their ratings if they get out of line. My opinion basically these kids, jump in and want to abuse drivers like they abuse their parents. Many many spoiled brats out there. I sure didnt have a chauffer at 18, 19 yrs old.

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Everyone is different. There are no hard And fast rules on any Pax. I have had dooshey guys. Ive had b1tchy girls. Ive had drunks of all kinds.

Girls throw up more often than guys.

One thing I have found is this and I hate to say it but after 500 rides the only people who have 1 starred me are young high school and college aged black kids and I think its strictly because Im a white male and they think its funny.
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Interesting, well all i can say is I've never had one girl pax who was a 5 rating, be @@@@@y, so far. Also I've only had 1 or 2 almost vomit it was guys, not girls. for the most part girls with a 5 rating have been "model" pax. So whether anybody agress with me or not, I'm still holding the opinion that guy drivers are rating pax, on "hottness". now that might be a bad thing, if they're rating a hot girl a 5 just because she's hot.
To me conduct is everything.
Now that spring is here, new element of newbie pax, which start out as 5 rating, so I'm overly cautious. I'm detesting so much the late night guy/kid drunks that I'm cancelling alot when I see a male name, and I'm shooting to accept only 5 ratings on the late night side.

I'm finding one other dilemma in long beach for example 5 rating pax which are females, they enter the car, very polite, very hot, but are dragging behind an a-hole, drunk beyond belief boyfriend. So this means just accepting rides with female pax is not a guarantee the ride will be pleasent.
To me the problem in general on long island, with pax is a young arrogant attitude, or potential for. Look I didnt have a "chauffer" at 18, 19, 20, 21 yrs old, so essentially its what they got a chauffer for $3.53. its up to the drives to police the pax, and apply low ratings when necessary.. just my 2 cents.
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