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Long Island Uber


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Im noticing Uber on Long Island. Long Island is very spread out with nice long juicy fares. Here is a primer:

Rich towns:
- Old Westbury
- Lloyd Harbor
- Brookville
- Kings Point
- Southampton
- Hewletts
- Nissequogue
- Muttontown
- Woodsburgh
- Lattingtown
- Oyster Bay Cove
- Amagansett
- Sands Point

Upper Middle Class to Rich towns:
- Rockville Centre
- Port Washington
- Garden City
- Dix Hills
- Miller Place
- Fort Salonga
- North Hills
- Brightwaters
- Syosset
- Woodbury
- Manhasset/Manhasset Hills
- Huntington Bay
- Stony Brook
- Jericho

Middle-Middle Class to Upper Middle Class towns:
- Commack
- Babylon Village
- Oakdale
- Islip Village
- Bellmore-Merrick-Seaford
- Massapequas-Wantagh
- Smithtown
- Plainview
- Greenlawn
- Baldwin Harbor
- South Huntington
- East Islip
- Wheatley Heights
- Lake Grove
- Oceanside
- Huntington Village

Lower Middle Class to Middle-Middle Class towns:
- Levittown
- Franklin Square
- Ronkonkoma
- Mineola
- North Babylon
- Lindenhurst
- Valley Stream
- Long Beach
- Deer Park
- Carle Place
- Hicksville
- Elmont
- Rocky Point
- Centereach
- Lynbrook
- Floral Park
- West Babylon
- East Meadow
- Hampton Bays
- Farmingdale
- Salisbury
- East Rockaway

Working Class to Lower Middle Class towns:
- East Patchogue
- Uniondale
- Copiague
- Island Park
- Mastic
- North Amityville
- Manorhaven
- Freeport

Poor to Working Class towns:
- New Cassel
- Mastic Beach
- Roosevelt
- Brentwood
- North Bay Shore
- Riverhead
- Wyandanch
- N.Bellport
- Hempstead Village

* There are no straight-up poor towns since even the poorest LI towns don't surpass a poverty rate of 20%.
* Bay Shore, Glen Cove and Huntington Station are among the few places on LI that have all classes represented en mass


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Not everyone will want to hop the train. If I had the cash I would use the Uber therefore I listed the towns in order of what I believe would be success. Probably more Uber users in top 2 tiers of towns. Dix Hills and Garden City I would certainly try.


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Look I get why you think this might be a good idea, affluent areas and such. I've been taken to parts out east from the airports often at all different times and days. Honestly, its not what you're thinking. The population density is low and doesn't deliver much business. Give it a shot and find out for yourself.


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Months ago I noticed there were zero Ubers in Garden City except for maybe someone like yourself heading back to the airport. The Uber market was dead there. Now if you look at the passenger app you see at least 5 Uber cars in any given section of Long Island. Something changed...

The airports I hear are horrible with Ubers waiting more than 2 hours for a passenger. My buddy sent me a video of a lot at JFK filled with Uber cars and some couldnt even find a space. There were Muslims on prayer mats...probably praying for a fare...and one guy having what looked like a tailgate party. It looked like a horror show for someone wanting to make some cash.

So have to try some other areas. The same ole aint workin...


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Any enforcement from Nassau TLC? A"T" license plate is very noticeable to cops. Cars from Nassau bases have "N" plates.


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These might be cars based out of Nassau with Nassau TLC plates Im seeing. You may not be able to go online with NYC TLC. So Im not certain.

Any way to dual register in NYC and Nassau?


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Uber will send you pickup requests in Nassau even if you only have NYC TLC. You are on your own if you accept them. Uber support told me they don't pay tickets. It is only illegal if pax is riding within Nassau County. Ok if pax in going to NYC.


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Is there way of being "legal" in Suffolk or Nassau with their TLC? Can I have NYC TLC and get their permit or license to pick up there? Just trying to understand it. I will, of course, do my own googleing on the issue.


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Ok, found the answer. Basically, you have to register with the Nassau TLC AND get a license in a municipality within Nassau:


3.How to register your For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) with the NCTLC if your vehicle is a licensed FHV within New York City, Westchester or Suffolk County (Out-of-County)?
The DMV registered vehicle owner must complete and submit the For-Hire Vehicle Registration Application, all required supporting documentation and the appropriate fee.

Note: The DMV registered vehicle owner or principal (if the owner is a corporation) must have his/her name printed and signature notarized on the third page of the application.

Note: The applicant is responsible for submitting legible photocopies of all required documentation with his/her application. Photocopies will not be made for you and you may be turned away at the desk if the application is incomplete.

Note: A base may submit applications on behalf of their owner/operators as long as the DMV registered vehicle owner completes the application and authorizes the base (on page 3 of the application) to do so.

The fee for a New Out-of-County vehicle registration is $300.00 per vehicle. Certified Check or Money Order Only! Payable to: The County of Nassau. One Certified Check or Money Order is acceptable for multiple vehicles.

All Renewal Out-of-County vehicle registrations are late at this time and will be assessed a $25.00 Late Fee in addition to the $250.00 Renewal fee per vehicle. Total Renewal fee at this time = $275.00 per vehicle.

The For-Hire Vehicle Registration Application may be picked up at our office or it can be mailed to you. Call (516) 571-2600 for an application to be mailed. Our office location is:

Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs
TLC Division
200 County Seat Drive
Mineola, NY 11501

4.Does a NCTLC registration sticker mean that I am now a licensed FHV in the County of Nassau?
NO! The NCTLC is authorized to regulate the registration of all FHVs operating in Nassau County. Your local municipality must still license you.
5.Can I still register my FHV with the NCTLC if I live or work in a municipality that does not license FHV’s?
Yes! However, it must be understood that a registration does not act as a license and the fee for this would be $300.00 for the first year, $250.00 for each additional year. Additionally, the owner/driver must submit to a future background investigation including fingerprints at the applicant's expense.


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I got the full information on it. Basically, the Nassau TLC is the first step. The next step is to get licensed by that municipality. What I dont know if the other townships within Nassau would recognize that license. For example, would Glen Cove recognize Hempsteads license. What about the towns that dont have a licensing requirement? Can you just go ahead and pick up there?

Its basically a "shit show" up in Long Island. Some places are regulated and others are not regulated. The penalty in some cases is MORE than just tickets but car impoundment and jail time. I saw an article, which I cant find, that in 2014 they were using undercover detectives as passengers. One guy had the Nassau TLC reg, but he didnt have the license for the specific town and they impounded his car. He also had NYC TLC plates too.

I guess in order to operate on Long Island you need to know the area and its quirky laws. Yeah, between the Nassau TLC fees and the individual town licensing fee...not really worth it.


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I see "NC" plated cars at La Guardia on occasion. As far as I'm concerned they can have that crap. I'll do a one hit wonder out to Great Neck or some closer in town and not complain but frankly I'd prefer anybody needing a ride out to Nassau to call a Nassau Co. car service.


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Well it looks like Uber has a plan for Nassau and Long Island, whatever that may be. I think they are seeing demand up there.


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Thanks brother. It's now dead here in LI thanks to your post. Too many cars in your so called hot spot. I got to get off my couch and head out.....:mad:


Look I get why you think this might be a good idea, affluent areas and such. I've been taken to parts out east from the airports often at all different times and days. Honestly, its not what you're thinking. The population density is low and doesn't deliver much business. Give it a shot and find out for yourself.
plus almost everybody has a car or family / friends with cars... In NYC people do not have cars or if they do, traffic/parking makes taking a taxi/car service/black car attractive... plus we have tons of turists, some cheap some not cheap (the cheap ones take the train from JFK and ride those silly citibikes...)