Long distance trips


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I have for the most part stopped taking these trips. Double the distance and double the time for .58/.15. Today I rejected a 60 min + at SMF. As well as several 30+ trips. It’s like playing a game of craps without the direction indicator from Uber pro. Who wants to end up in Chico or Modesto? Eastward is not much better. San Francisco at 4pm on a Monday? Double F no.

The only time I really decide otherwise is if it’s rush hour. 30 minutes from SMF can be Rancho. Still refuse the 60 warning rides.


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I always call or text the rider ahead if a long distance shows up. All have pretty much been cool about letting me know their destination, except for this one hoe I about a year ago by sac state. Just a @@@@@ when I called her. Luckily she cancelled so I got the fee for it.