Long Distance Trips


Does anyone know how Uber handles long distance trips?
E.g a trip to Canarvon or Broome. Anyone did any long trips?

Jack Malarkey

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See this thread in the Sydney forum about a trip from Sydney to Brisbane: https://uberpeople.net/threads/i-just-have-a-customer-saying-she-is-going-to-brisbane.188033/.

Note that the system automatically ends the trip at a certain point where the rider is unable to make further requests. However, the app continues to monitor the trip in the background.

You should take screenshots of where you are from time to time and especially so at the end of the trip. You then need to request a fare adjustment so you receive the full amount.

You need to warn the rider that the remaining cost may come through several days after the initial charge.

Uber delays payment of larger amounts to drivers until it has been able to confirm there has been no fraud. So don't expect to be paid immediately.

I would undertake a long trip of the kind you have mentioned only if the rider paid upfront a cash tip of 50% of the estimated base fare.


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Does anyone know how Uber handles long distance trips?
E.g a trip to Canarvon or Broome. Anyone did any long trips?
Drivers queueing at airports are day dreaming for these long rides.

My longest trip was from CBD to Rockingham.


Mine longest was from canning highway near the canning station to the caves at cave rd . Few kms from Busselton.
But dead kms on return.
Enjoyed the music in car on teturn journey.


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My longest trips were from T1. The first was an early morning trip to South Yunderup and I went to Baldivis on two consecutive Fridays.
Also scored a run just past Bullsbrook and wasn't able to end the ride at the destination because I was out of range of any Optus towers.
But last Saturday night I went from Roleystone to Edgewater via Kelmscott. Then about 6 hours later I was lucky enough to score the return trip, too.
The only one with significant dead kilometres was the Bullsbrook drive.


I think maximum trip time uber allows is 2 hours then put the app offline. And if the fare is more than $100 it goes for review and may be paid within 3-7 working days


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estimate to metro area boundary, use Uber to complete
close application @ boundary and continue with negotiated fare with rider.
hour rate $65
more than 5 hours driving = +1hour break
more than 10 hours driving = +overnight sleep at motel rider pays +time at .30c per minute or negotiate
return fare to metro area = double trip to destination estimate
get cash or bank transfer before setting off.
if you drive more than 5 hours (10 hours a day with mandatory 10 hour break) transport compliance will smack you very hard if they stop you.
tell rider to catch a plane.
if tourist then negotiate a round trip .
meals a 1 per 5 hour driving, rider pays.


I believe that UBER has a cap on the credit card amount.
Hasn't happened to me.
You don't really want it as the trip back is dead kilometres.
Better by taxi standards as you get paid to there and back as there will be no chance of a return fare. The kilometer rate was less than the metered rate but not ott detrimental in the long run. Pun intended.