Long distance trip notifications


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they took back the 6 DF's

I been getting some long trips lately.

but they're not what everybody thinks.

they aren't necessarily 30, 40, 50 mile rides.

I got a 11 mile ride request that said long trip 45 min+
because there was simply just heavy traffic.

today I got another one
upper darby to ambler.
was about 18 miles, but had heavy traffic... which took it to 48 minutes.
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L.T 12MILES. Pack your lunch..haha..that area is always bad..on a good day 5 miles 40 miles..8 mins a mile..kinda sucks


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I'd love to get one of these long trips during a surge. I have the worst luck with that. I try to use the DF at bar closing but most of the time I end up getting a 1.5 mi trip towards the destination.

Hans GrUber

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I was getting long trip requests left and right last week. Didn't get any and my car is @@@@ed up. This could be the end of rideshare for ol' Hans.

Ted L.

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I got one today. I was DFing towards EWR to pick up a relative and got a "long trip" request in Lawrenceville. The rating was lower than I'd otherwise accept but since I knew with almost certainty that it was an EWR trip, I took it.


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whatcha need buddy?
new set o' tires?
we can all bust balls on here but 1 thing all have in common if we must do a big # of rides to earn like quests ..we are always fixing or maintaining our cars...
been in car business most of my life..now all 3 cars are covered so i all do is pay for service...but it sucks when u make 80 rides a week and car goes bad.. or the 1 week you need a pay its icy and u cannot work..
And ted L ..u better watch with surge on what pass are rated..cause some drivers kill pax rating only for no tips..LT with 4.1 surging 2.5 they are riding in my xl 7 days a week