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Long Distance Pool Trips

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by RobbieYO, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. RobbieYO


    Hey, I couldn't find any opinions on this. Do you guys accept long distance (45 min+) pool trips to, lets say the city? I started in Lake Zurich and accepted it but I'm not sure if its worth it or not.
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  2. karachi


  3. I only marked yes if it’s at night with no traffic. But not if there isn’t AT LEAST a 1.5X surge on the ride. The reason riders usually choose pool over UberX is because pool is cheaper and has a cheaper time rate. You’ll still get the same amount you’d get with an UberX ride on distance. If you got a long ride at night or late at night, you’ll probably go about 35-45 miles away. Long rides from the loop at rush hour could either be ohare, midway, or a distant suburb. You won’t know.

    I believe long trips are good if the surge is good enough. I wouldn’t do it without a surge. But! It depends on how many miles you want to put on your car. If you’re going 35 miles out, you’re gonna get back so that’s another 30-35 miles. You’re at 60-70 miles for one trip. If you drive 100 miles total a day, that’s 700 miles a week, and over 36,000/year. That’s 3 times the average miles put on a car by the average car-owner. I’m sure that number has changed as the increased number of Uber drivers there are on the road. Dealerships or whoever wants to buy your car will still go off the old model in determining your car’s value. Please note that EVERYONE’S cost per mile or per minute/hour is different. If you don’t care for the depreciation of your car, go for it! But that depreciation is a cost you’d have to negotiate with yourself if it is worth doing. Look up how much you could sell your car for right now with 12,000 extra miles on it. The difference in value is big but the dealer won’t go off KBB or NADA in what it’s going to pay you—since they ALWAYS pay you less than that. They do that because when they go to sell it, they have to make a profit to cover the losses in repairs/cleaning. They might be a little generous sometimes but that’s because they want you to buy a car from them. Not because they like you.

    I know this is probably way more in-depth analysis than you probably asked for. Sorry. I’m just not going to tell you what to do. You’re an adult. You have to make decisions on your own. The best anyone else can do is offer insight and an angle you may or may not have considered.

    So, in short, I personally wouldn’t take it. However, you’re in the burbs. I’m in the city. I make more money when I do many short-medium rides with a dash of long rides than I do with a vast majority of my rides being long distance and time-consuming. Anywho, good luck!
  4. Nothing but contradicting babble.
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  5. karachi


    Exactly!! It's like he's talking out of both sides of his mouth. He he he:p:p:p The right answer is IT DEPENDS. All that prose, you'd think it was AD responding.. (no offense AD;))
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  6. Bman1974


    Palos Hills
    Never. Takes a driver out of the desired area and lose .0475 cents a minute. That’s at least$2.00. Why?
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  7. LoveTheBlues


    I like the answer "depends". Bman's perspective is one I suspect of a city driver that needs to maximise pay in slow moving city traffic so it would be better to leave the seat empty waiting for a higher rate (for time) X ride & surge by positioning in the desired area (and not be pulled away too far from where it is likely to surge). But a suburban driver that can go as much as 3 or 4 times farther in the same time and doesn't see as many pings may take the long ride that will bring in more than $30 if the route is right. Then they can turn off additional requests so as not to get slowed by additional pick ups. And pool riders are less problematic in the burbs than the city. They make more keeping the wheels turning. That is just two scenerios so it depends on your strategy and situation. Neither is right or wrong just preference and circumstances.
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  8. Only if these two factors are met:

    1. Surge is greater than 2.0x; and
    2. It is still daylight.

    Otherwise the cheap bastards can sit.
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  9. karachi


    This is BS advise from a noob. Seldom will it surge to 2.0x or higher anymore and some drivers prefer driving at night. You don't lose much money in terms of the per minute rate, so sometimes getting back to the city on a pool with additional passengers disabled is the smartest option. Or, you can always sit like an entitled brat until you get your way even if it means killing your productivity.
  10. Prius13


    What's wrong with night time ?
  11. Wow, look at the big keyboard warrior with the big, tough words!

    You drive your way. I drive mine. And may I suggest a therapist for your attitude?
  12. JohnnyWick


    Is the pool pricing for the driver differebt than X? No!
    Do people choose pool, because it is cheaper? Yes!
    Can you stop coming requests? Yes!
    Do you always take UberX while surging? Or do you cancell all UberX requests below 1.5X? No!
    Are pool riders “cheap” people or just like anyone wants to save money? Or does not care sharing a ride, or environmental friendly and wants to sace the world? Yes!

    Please stop complaining about pool, which all of your complaints don’t have any basis!

    PS. If that woman who wanted some fresh air was an X rider, would you complain? Whether it is select, X or pool, I had people wanted to get some fresh air which is so normal! They may not like your perfume, car odor, or something that you don’T feel. Or sick so they need some air!

    By the way, pool riders help me fill my quota for the promotion and get the consecutive riders better than uberX!

    I wait exactly shown in the app for two minutes, i dont call to confirm where they are or if they call i tell them where they should come to. Then I cancel and collect my lousy $3.75.

    Will I get 1 star and should I be afraid of it? I dont think so!
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  13. kah5683


    I believe you are responding to the other thread I started...

    You're right. I've had X riders want to put down the window. I tell them the air is on and give them the choice of air conditioning or fresh air. If they want fresh air, I turn off the AC. However, with a pool ride with three different passengers, I have to do what's best for the group, or at least a consensus. Totally different situation.
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  14. Bman1974


    Palos Hills
    I live in the suburbs. What I usually find out about pool riders in burbs.

    1. Long distances while losing out per minute compared to X.
    2. Suburb pool riders take long distances, usually places where there are little or no pings.
    3. This what gets me is that pool and x for riders in suburbs are like $3-4 difference. So more likely no tip because cheap.
    4. Gas is expensive now. You are losing money on long rides for uber pool unless you get multiple pickups. That’s when it evens out. But if you don’t, then a driver is losing money on the pool rate.

  15. Johnny?
    Do you drive pool and X with a 60k 2016 SUV with 26000mi ?
  16. JohnnyWick


    Of course no way I will use my SUV for X or pool, may be XL).

    After sometime I realized that many “smart” ants bought select vehicles and either they are doing X and pool or sitting at the pit for hours to get a lousy $40 if they can catch a trip to downtown!

    Couple weeks ago, I gave a select to try again, 8 hours of driving!!! I got 2 select (one for $17, one for $36+$10 tip) and 5 XLs totaling $120 gross. Another day only $80 with no select!

    Good thing is i put only 150 miles for $200

    I came to conclusion that the best uber strategy is driving a van, doing X, pool and XL! Select is dead! Confirmed! But there is a huge demand for XL especially on weekends.
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  17. UberBeemer

    UberBeemer Moderator

    NW Chicago Suburbs
    If there's a long pickup fee, I will often take them. I leave the trip open so I can fill the car if additional riders are out there. I want the rider to get all the pool experience they're (not) paying (much) for.
  18. Btw, when go online no need to keep driving around. Find a good area park and wait. They will find you ;)
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  19. I only park for two things. One is to grab food/drink. The other is a couple hours later. Once in a while if I drop off at a busy bar area, I'll pull over (but not for long) for a ping.

    I help Uber direct me when I'm moving. Uber tends to find riders and trips ahead of me, headed in that general direction. That is, unless I'm in a left turn lane--Uber without fail offers me a pickup down the street to the right.
  20. Nu1


    If uber doesn’t give me a ping right away in dt I tend to go and park instead of driving around. Where you go and wait depends what time of the day it is, usually I get a ping pretty fast. Have a plan that works for you, uber already knows your next move and they act accordingly.

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