How often do you get fake reports?

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Why London customers are so evil?
I just don't get it....

For the last month I was reported nearly every single week for "driving" the most frequent report this month. According to Uber support "speeding" but the problem is I do no speed up at all (20/30/40/50/60/70).

Keep scratching my head and trying to figure it out where I do it wrong. In my belies all goes nice and smoothly and if I had the option to rate my self would be 10 out 10 or 9 out 10 in best-worst case of course and I am being honest.

More about me

I have become Uber driven last year and I keep Uber driver rating of 4.95/4.93 and also trying to do my best to keep every one happy and rate my customers 5 stars even if they were supper annoying except the times when something extreme happen like vomiting for eg. I keep my car perfectly clean in and out at all the time even spend £10.50 for cleaning every single day before I go out to work , and perfumed at all time.

I use to work on other platforms were people can rate each other so I know how unfair rating systems can be but now I am really fed up with this fake reports.

Also do believe people who give poor rate and generate fake reports are usually people with poor Uber rating themselves so I am trying to avoid customers with rate lower than 4.6 for e.g.

Me and my car don't deserve smelly, drugged ,drunk customers ,with terrible attitude and with no respect who keep generate fake reports just because they feel like.

2018 all still the same.


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I stopped cleaning my car a long time ago. You should too. And don't perfume your car....Keep it neutral.