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Discussion in 'Notifications' started by luckytown, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. luckytown


    northern nj
  2. Lol ****ing idiots. Passengers are lucky if I’ve gotten a car wash in the past month
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  3. BurgerTiime


    And who pays for all this? Exactly why nobody should be providing this crap.
  4. ntcindetroit


    If I ran rideshare, I'd offer all these items free for drivers to pickup at hub. With free Uber water, Free Uber mints and free Uber candy. It's better than to giving out snake with label Free tips included.
  5. RockinEZ


    San Diego
    If all the charger cables have not been stolen, I offer chargers for Android and iPhone.
    They cost 87 cents on eBay and I order them 3 at a time. This last time I found some braided red iPhone cords.
    Better quality, and being bright red can not be mistaken for "their cord". I am hoping these will last longer.

    I also offer water in the summer. In San Diego a case of water is $1.77 + CRV if you look around.
    That is 12 cents a bottle with CRV. It is hot here and a cool car and a cool bottle of water does generate tips.
    PAX generally use only one or two bottles per day.... Unless you get a thief with a big purse.

    Gum and candy... fat chance. I give them nothing they can ruin my seats with.

    I will die before I have another AUX cord in my car that a PAX can find.
    The freaking idiots will crank crappy music up to volumes that destroy your speakers if you let them.
    I control the music in my car. They can request a radio station, but that is it. I select the volume.

    I keep an AUX cable in a pouch in my door panel for my personal use, but a PAX will never see it.
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  6. Can’t afford more phone chargers for the public to steal;

    can’t afford water bottles (can barely afford a beverage for myself, even though I really need caffeine for all of the 12-16 hour days) ... IM FRIGGIN BUSY TRYING TO MAKE A BONUS IN ORDER TO FALL ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL SO I CAN OFFSET THIS LESS THAN MINIMUM-WAGE .. / SURGE TURNED OFF / UBER TAKING 50% COMISSION LA LA LA LIFE

    Aux cord, your music sucks, and you’ll steal that, too

    Gum? I’d rather save my pennies for actual food I can eat (drive thru whaaaat), plus, you’ll steal that, too

    Candy? See gum

    Nintendo, kareoke, massage chair, basketball hoops, and doughnuts?

    LMAO LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be a Poo Line customer. Go yourself
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  7. 7Miles


    Aux cord is a crap. Even so you agree on a volume limit like 15 in my car, they go on their phone and crank it up higher anyways. They think you don’t notice sudden volume change.
    Last time I had someone listening to their music is when an @ss had exect same car and model as me and my usual lie didn’t work because of that. He knew how to set up his phone via Bluetooth in settings right away.
    But he is so far the one and only who managed to do it in the last year or two .
  8. the trick to the cords is to wrap them once around something between the front and back seat, it makes it impossible to just take. I used to wrap them around my cooler. (I SOLD water when i owned my taxi)

    If they ask i would say it's so they can't get pulled out accidentally while i'm driving, it really cut back on the thefts a lot.
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  9. Rushmanyyz


    My car doesn't even have ancient AUX cord technology. It used bluetooth and wifi only. I have to be parked to synch a phone. It's funny how they never want me to pull over for them to play their music...

    Then again, mine is better anyway and there's never anything that's too loud. My audio system is pretty bad ass.
  10. Ah no Uber, You pay for those things especially water/food items I will have them in my car. Until then I offer a ride from spot A to Spot B and collect my pennies from you.
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  11. UberBastid


    I like the Kareoke machine, or the massage chair. LMAO.
    Who da frack has that in their car - besides SadUber of course.

    I got asked about music once and told them that I'd be glad to sing for them if they wanted. She said, "Hell yea." So I called her bluff -- till her male escort asked me to stop. LMAO.
    (I got all the way down to 89 bottles of beer on the wall before he made me quit.)
  12. these guys think we are still making 300 bucks a day like we did 3-4 years ago.
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