Logisticare and the Malodorous Pax


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It's a rainy Sunday, just got back in DTS country after a long ride up the Parkway. The ping is 4 minutes away, just off the GSP in Neptune. As I roll up, I get a text to come up the driveway, there is a woman in a walker. I don't like driveways but I see the walker. She gets in and the male companion gets in the front as I stow the walker. As I pull down the driveway, the first wave of noxious fumes engulfed me. Although it was raining, the window comes down. I threw up a little in my mouth. It reminded me of unwashed clothes, fermenting urine, wet dog, and a decaying turtle - all rolled in one. No, it was worse - add a day-old adult diaper. This stink could have gagged a maggot. The drop at the Shop-Rite Pharmacy was made even more torturous by a Neptune police officer enforcing the "no stopping" sign at the curb by the entrance. I took Ma Walker and her mephitic companion to the first available parking spot and opened the rest of the windows. I got the walker and the Ozium from the trunk. Stinky waddled off to find a wagon. I got the woman out and did not waste an instant - a beautiful fog of Ozium was applied in hopes of dispersing the foul leavings of this mutant. Upon closing the ride, I was not given an opportunity to rate the vile pax - a strong indicator it was a Logisticare ride. Sadly, the Ozium was not as effective on the stenchful leavings as I'd hoped. Closer examination revealed a wet spot on the back of the seat, just about where the vile creature's waist would have been. Depends overload? I don't know. After photographing the mystery smear, I tried to blot the moisture off the upholstery. Then I composed an email requesting a cleaning fee. Much to my delight, I was also able to adjust the rating to an appropriate level of contempt and disdain. The takeaway here is NO MORE LOGISTICARE RIDES. Be careful out there - this misanthrope and his beard will be needing a ride back.


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The Lyft requests from Logisticare aren't like GoGoGrandma; it doesn't show anything special.

The only way to spot it is to know the address is related to a doctor's office, hospital, MRI, XRay or one of the other medical offices.

You got to get Logisticare to blacklist/block you so they can never request you for one of their customers again.

Lyft doesn't care.

Correct me if I am wrong, Lyft doesn't block Logisticare for you. Lyft only blocks the one customer for you which is not useful.


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It used to be that if the passenger's name was all caps, you could pretty much assume it was medical transport. I think they've wised up.


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Would it have been discrimination to throw her out?
I would have left them in the exhaust fumes after showing them the curb.
If they smelled that bad ba bye