Live Uber Customer Support? (New Uber Driver)


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Is there a way to contact a live Uber customer service rep in Michigan (or elsewhere) regarding questions? Is there a way for Uber to confirm whether you're successfully online with Uber (partner app) and ready to accept rides? During my first night -- a busy local festival night in the region -- I received NO ride offers from 5 pm - 10 pm! I've seen many videos and think I have a good understanding of everything I'm supposed to do. Wondering if I was actually online, available to accept rides. It looked that way on the smartphone screen -- unless there's a technical glitch or I'm doing something wrong. Advice would be appreciated! (FYI: Using the Uber partner app on my Android phone.) THANKS!


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There is no live Uber support. What we can tell you is to confirm your online status open up the Uber passenger app concurrently and see if your vehicle is in the same spot as your pin location. Now you'll know if your available to other passengers or not.