Lipstick on a Pig: Prime Time, Surge, Personal Power Zone


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There was a time when PT and Surge were similar.
Then Uber changed Surge to dollar amount that sticks when you drive through the area.
The Lyft eliminated PT and introduced PPS, a dollar amount that sticks when you drive through the area.

I guess Lyft finally caught on to this method of reducing driver compensation, but trying to avoid the negative experience when Uber changed the way Surge was calculated, they decided to change its name.


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No wonder Lyft IPO is going south, they're consistently showing to be just an Uber copycat without innovation and imagination. The personal power zone seems to be a carrot to dupe some drivers in to thinking they are making more, as you mentioned, and knowing lyft it may be 50 cents to 1 dollar on your next trip at busy times, let's see. I was really enjoying the 200% + prime time on long trips but it was getting harder to get them the last 2 weeks


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Many drivers were doing more lyft than uber because of ubers flat rate surge. They had to wait for the IPO to go through before rolling this out. The timing of the PPZ was not random.