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Lighting up the Mary Jane on a Select Ride

Discussion in 'Stories' started by X Drive LV, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Blackout 702

    Blackout 702 Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas
    Yup. Contact high. Don't harsh my gig, man.
  2. AJellis

    AJellis New Member

    myth started by people who got caught
  3. NorCalPhil

    NorCalPhil Well-Known Member

    The correct response to "You're not a good conversationalist" is "you're not a good tipper"
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  4. Squirming Like A Toad

    Squirming Like A Toad Well-Known Member

    That person would be a pedestrian in about 10 seconds. No way am I going to deal with the burn holes, the spills, and getting deactivated after the next passenger reports they smelled alcohol and marijuana.
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  5. RussellP

    RussellP Active Member

    Portland Maine
    a Passenger Lighting up (anything) in your car is enough to get them banned from using the Uber Rider App. Just rate them 1 star then send then send like a fare review and say what happened...

  6. X Drive LV

    X Drive LV New Member

    LV NV
    Thanks for the feedback. I send the video to Uber with a statement and a screen capture of the waybill for that ride. If he did leave me the 1-Star, hopefully they will remove it. If not, life goes on.
  7. Fishchris

    Fishchris Well-Known Member

    I love the smell of good green bud, but not in my car, from me smoking or anyone else.

    Cigarettes smell horrendous, so definitely not those.

    And alcohol is a nasty ef'ed up drug which they can do somewhere else.... I wouldnt care if it were legal for a pax or not.
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  8. yojimboguy

    yojimboguy Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Just last noght I had a guy who showed me a vape version of pot from a medical dispensary in Colorado. He smokes pot so he won't have seizures.

    I said, "So do I, and I've never had a seizure."
  9. Jesusdrivesuber

    Jesusdrivesuber Well-Known Member

    close to mongolia
    This post is a lie no one could have taken that kind of abuse without flipping out.

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