So last night at the "Jersey shore", it was incredibly slow.. I did probably $60 gross in a period of 4 hrs.. I kept moving towards surge zones, using cruise control, and found that surge clearly is not in our interest in that there is a demand... It's just useful to know if a "bar is getting out, and there is a surge.. it's really worth your time.."

Getting down to it.. I drove with a feather peddle last night, with my Accord Hybrid.. typically i get 40-43 MPG but last night there mustive been something in the air... I drove in that 4 hrs aprox 120 miles Sandy Hook, to Manisquan.. getting roughly 52/55 Anyone have comparative mileage?


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I don’t trust the MPG reader in cars. Do it the old fashion way.

My Prius said 48MPG but the old fashion way told me 56MPG.


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2007 Honda Crv, averaging 17mpg and average earnings of $14-$16 p/h after uber's cut, gas and tolls,


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2015 Toyota Prius Persona 62 to 67 mpg with a/c blasting, you have to have the a/c running to cool of the battery in the hybrid vehicles to get better performance.. the hotter the battery, your shortening the life expectancy and poor performance.


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2500 HD GMC diesel what a beast 12-18 mpg yeah I know but no car payments lol
Kids love it " monster truck dad"


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In town I average about 14-16MPG, a whole lot less if I end up in the city. Once I'm on the highway, I muster out about 20-22MPG. Yea, not the best for Uber, but I only drive here and there anyway. It's a Charger R/T (5.7L HEMI) but my passengers tend to love it.