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Lets talk about driver hygiene, why Is ubermike wearing the same tshirt for 4days?



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I hate getting into a car with drivers bodyodor. This is usually because some drivers like to sleep in cars and doesn't wants to spend $ on airfreshners



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He crunched his TLC plates so there is no way he making 3k/week in jersey. I think all his numbers are fake and photoshopped to get free advertisement so ppl call him for rides.


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@jerseyboys definitely has a different style than, say, @DRIVERfromHell. he jerseyboys seems to be a nice guy. i mean mike can do his thing i try not to join in the bullying, but obviously i have a problem with him giving away spots, strategies etc. Personally I am very careful what I post here and I advise others to do the same. i know nowadays mike deliberately tries to confuse and mislead people but imo it would be better if he just didnt say anything at all.
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