Let's play "guess Ubers first day closing stock price!!"


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Stocks are not my area of expertise, but I don't think stock numbers can be compared directly to each other. Different companies have different number of shares.

Lyft falling from 72 to 52 might be comparible to Uber going from 45 to 30.

Lets just hope this crap doesnt trigger a recession... it feels like a bubble to me

stephen harness

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Only big money makes money. The 200 shares that they have allocated for some drivers at the IPO offering of $45 will really do nothing for the driver. The very best possible outcome in a perfect world would be a double in the price which means after taxes and fees you might make $5k on you $10k investment, if you are able to sell in time, but more than likely you will loose 10 or 20% of your investment short term. The only good choice is to hold long term and see what happens. I for one can not afford to do that, and I am guessing that most drivers can not . Drivers are not wealthy people. Wealthy people do not drive taxis .This was a token move by Uber to appease drivers prior to the IPO without spending money and in fact is just another way to get rich off of the the drivers. My advise is unless you have money to loose and are willing to stay in long term stay away from the IPO.


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Trade war talks with China in the news today. Hopefully this will scare more people away. Original investors won't make as much off the IPO. That's the best we could hope for. Look out below _


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Trade talks with China go badly south there's a possibility below 40 dollars.
Had Uber had not made a big deal out of setting the price at 44-50 early in the week I'm sure they would have gone with 40-45 so they didn't look like they were in retreat anymore than they are.
They've done all they can to generate a pop but the China talks Lyft tanking and losing 1.1 billion themselves makes it tough.

Pops to 47 then someone shouts sell and ends at 42?


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the real question is in 6 months. when the employees that @@@@ us on the daily can start selling.


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Unfortunately, I have no faith in humanity and believe people are generally stupid by nature. Therefore, with absolutely no desire, I expect closing price to be north of $55 per share. I really hope that I am totally wrong and this POS tanks, but human nature and Idiocracy are against me. Analysts are pushing this right now, they sleep with the underwriters and all have an interest in seeing this turd fly.

AJ Grace

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$66 - this is based on original valuation of $120b ASA where supply meets demand - China impact on the market will make UBER even more attractive this A.M.


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Has to be long term - 20 years or more - to see if driverless cars worked or not. You're betting on driverless cars. That's what the IPO is for.

These are vogue tech companies though, so it will have wild swings up and down. Buy when it's down, and sell when it's up. Drivers make great insider/day traders. They don't have their finger on the pulse of the industry, they ARE the pulse of the industry. They are already watching their phones all day anyway.

Woo Hoo! Welcome to Millennial Wall Street.