Let's play a game


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Pax highly enjoyed the new tipping feature. What do you think he'll tip?

Let's play.

I'll give him a couple days and I'll report back


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Nope. I've probably had 3 rides tip after 24 hours since the in app tipping feature was introduced. If they don't do it instantly, don't hold your breath.


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I'd say it's about 75%.

75% of people that tell me they are going to tip, or even mention the tipping option don't actually tip.

Some of them, you can tell they're not.

I had this one guy tell me how excited I must be about it, then he went into this rant about unions and how he had hoped Trump would start executing union leaders, and how he needs to move another one of his tile manufacturing plants to Mexico and how much he hates Mexicans but loves cheap labor...

Yeah, he didn't tip.