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Let's Just Makeout in the backseat!!!

Ok. I picked up a couple (middle ages) and took them on a 20 minute ride from Downtown Tampa to St. Pete across the Howard Franklin. Of course, they just make out in the back seat and just can't wait to get home and "get it on" on the bed. Now, normally I don't really care, as long as I don't have to clean up the back seat. Lol. But, how many of you felt uncomfortable and just floored it to their destination just to get rid of them? I swear my car is like a sec machine or something. Haha


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I have had a couple of feelie-meelie types in the back seat - but nothing beyond that. A friend who drives in Kentucky - had a couple in the back seat who did the deed ! She sat on his lap - he watched her expression change as he occasionally saw her in his rearview mirror. ( it was nighttime, but oncoming headlights showed her face for a couple of seconds, two or three times ........ felt the car rock a bit too )

The most unusual recent ride I had was in St Pete, Valentine's weekend - 2 women had just done a cancer fundraiser run - they were wearing nothing but bra-and-panties ( pink, white, red, little hearts, etc ) - that was the theme of the race ! Got them at Yard of Ale - one was pretty buzzed, the other quite talkative, but sober ! Nice looking, smart women, 45 - to - 50 ish ... sales and marketing professionals.


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I posted before that I had a stripper in the car and she changed in the backseat. yea she changed everything and didn't mind a bit. I also picked up 2 hookers from jail on a Saturday morning and they were both on the phone getting screamed at, them I wanted gone. I will never take an Orient road call again.....lol


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A few weeks ago I had a couple who had sex in my backseat. Morons. Although I knew what they were doing I wasn't sure enough to accuse them and throw them out - it was awkward as hell. So I drove fast to end the trip. Once I saw the stain all doubt was gone, and they paid an $80 cleaning fee for that fun little ride.


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I just drive, man. What they do in the back seat that doesn't affect my car is their business. If they leave anything behind, yeah, cleaning fee.

The two-cam dashcam I ordered should be here early April. I wonder if that will dissuade anything like that (Not that it has ever happened, or that I care if it did. I'm pretty libertarian).
I had the 2 couples I mentioned with the no tip Pizza run.
The two in the middle seat made out while row 3 couple egged them on. No actual coitus.. but they talked about the fun they expected to share after the pizza. No mess on seats.


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I have absolutely no problem with it. In fact it makes me happy to see couples enjoying each other. As long as they don't leave a mess they can do whatever they want.
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