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Lenny Dykstra threatened/kidnapped by a NJ Uber driver

Discussion in 'News' started by jgiun1, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. jgiun1


    Former Philadelphia Philliesand New York Metsoutfielder Lenny Dykstra says a New Jersey Uber driver threatened and kidnapped him in May during a confrontation that resulted in criminal chargesbeing laid against the retired MLB star.

    During a press conference Friday, Dykstra said he asked the driver to change the trip's destination and the driver threatened him, locked the car's doors, and sped up, according to The Associated Press.

    Dykstra said he called 911.

    "I was literally in fear of my life," he said.

    Police said the driver accused Dykstra of holding a gun to his head, but no weapon was found.

    The 55-year-old Dykstra was charged with making terroristic threats and drug-related offenses after police found cocaine, MDMA, and marijuana on his person.
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  2. rex jones

    rex jones

    I mean it's Lenny Dykstra. The dude is bat **** crazy. Hell, I thought he was in prison.
  3. He must have served his time. In 2012 he got 3 years as a guest of the state in CA over fraudulent leasing of cars, then later the same year got something like 6 months federal time for taking and selling items from his mansion that was part of a bankruptcy case without permission of the BK trustee. Finally, he got 9 months for weenie waving. He lost a business near where I live, a gas station and car wash, through the same BK, I believe. He fancied himself a self-taught investment advisor, but caused some other sports celebrities to lose significant coin. I think part of his sentence was to make restitution, but I don't think they pay much for making license plates!:p
    Be bought the mansion from Wayne Gretzky, valued at $18.5 million. I've driven a client to that neighborhood several times, as he is a member of the country club in the gated community.
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  4. rex jones

    rex jones

    Yeah, there was a time when the media and everyone else protected ex-athletes (especially champion ones like "nails"). Those days are over. Dude was a star in the 80's way before the big money in baseball, came to pass. He is really no different than any CEO Uber has had (past and present), just way more bombastic in presentation.
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  5. If you watch the tape he’s willing to have the Driver charged with Kidnapping rather then let the cops check the bag where he’s carrying an assortment of Drugs. I was a Met fan when he was playing and liked him after watching the tape I think he should do some time.
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