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Lease-to Own, Can i make money in LA, Am i Crazy

Discussion in 'Pay' started by painfreepc, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. In the US, odometer tampering is a felony, sale or not. Regardless of technical legality, fraud is not OK in "the civilised world."
  2. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    Then why did they post BS about the lease affecting your credit?

    If not to spread that info on a public forum.

    The fact is if paying the lease doesn't show on your credit file.

    Then not paying won't either.

    Obviously I can only go by how things work in the UK.

    But can't see it working any differently in the US.

    Unless it is legal to only update a persons credit file in a negative way in the US.

    Which seems downright strange.

    If I was working for Uber I would also not be all love and hugs towards Uber as that would surely give the game away.

    But when a strategy is posted that may get one of those unlucky enough to sign up for a lease out of the deal without a huge debt it is all fire and brimstone.

    Was it me that dropped UberX rates?

    Did I introduce a service were the partners were only "technically" legal?
  3. Johnny O

    Johnny O

    Los Angeles

    Well, I have driven 43 hours so far this past week, have put on 590 miles, (dead miles included) and my net right now on the Uber invoice is $485.00 - minus my gas of $140.00 - (Drive a Buick LaCrosse) net is $345.00 so my hourly wage has been $8.02 - so I would venture to say NO, It's not worth it. I have had 3 ex Uber/Lyft drivers this weekend that told me about the good old days when there was an hourly guarantee. They laughed at what is happening now, but at least two of the them tipped me anyways
  4. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    It is not fraud in the civilised world.

    It would be misrepresentation.

    What would you call signing drivers up to leases with a mileage rate of for example $2 a mile.

    Then to drop the rate with hardly any notice to for example $1 a mile.

    Which would that be?



    Or in Uber speak.

    A way to earn more money.

    Turning back the miles on an Uber Lease vehicle is simply a way for Uber to make more money from the vehicle.

    It is likely what will be done to the repossessions anyway.

    The Car Trade is the same all over the world.

    On the subject of fraud.

    What would the crime be if you didn't tell your Insurance Co about working on UberX as you didn't want your premium to soar?

    A topic that got less interest than my comment about turning back the miles in an Uber Leased vehicle.
  5. Leasing a car with uber and Santander, I call it a death sentence. Your insurance is cheap, here in nyc an uberx car insurance is $3,500-$4,000 liability coverage only, depending on your driving record, of course we are regulated to the hilt, you can not do FHV work with regular insurance or regular registration, it needs to be taxi insurance with commercial TLC plates and yearly $425-$500 commercial registration, and 3 yearly inspections $120.
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  6. Emmes


    Because I have morals or because I believe that two wrongs don't make it right?
    Nice try.
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