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there are people on Orlando Uber drivers Facebook group saying it's great, I just can't get past the math of it because there is zero to little surge so the math doesn't lie. The way Orlando works in the am 80% of the trips are going into the city or theme parks and in the evening they come out so one ride after another is lucky at best especially when you consider 25% of Orlando's drivers just dropped off at the same area you did.

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The rates are terrible,

You end up paying more than if you just got a loan to buy a car. It's not worth it,
(Yes i know the weekly rate is substantially less than I pay for weekly cab rental BUT...)

The cab rental includes all maintenance and you only owe Mears 5% on credit cards after that, you rent the cab, and then keep everything, compared to renting a car, and paying uber 25% on top of that. At the end of the day, the cab drivers are only giving Mears 30-40% total of their revenue. Compared to Uber THAT is a deal considering how much higher the rates are and it's not my car i'm driving 1000-1500 miles a week.

At the end of the day, i'm going to say it's not worth it because driving for uber is completely not worth it in Orlando, and Xchange is a second bad choice on top of it..

Right now...

Things may change in the future but I personally doubt it.

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Your numbers are off MT4. Average driver is giving Mears 60/40. Sometimes 50/50 and if luck is on their side 40/60.

The mistake youre making is only using the overnight rates to do your math.

It's not that uncommon to see a 80/20 split or a 120/-20 split.

The jobs not for everyone.

Would be nice to see Mears make 8hr shifts available and drop the price a bit. I'm sure its a song that's already been sung , but Uber has changed the landscape for us working stiffs.

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Well with my math... In talking about what actually goes to Mears. I never buy gas from Mears I put on my cash back credit card,
Mathamtically, even if I make just $156 in gross revenue Mears is only getting half; I'm getting $50 and the turnpike commission and OPEC are each getting their $10-15.

Comparing the day shift numbers to the exact way uber does it.... The gas expenses are on he driver in both cases.

I'm also lying my ass off with statistics.... Sue me, it's in my personal financial interest to do this.

And day shift is fing brutal, I never recommend the 9:00 am shift.


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