LAX Teminal 4 Pick Up "C"


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They should give you a ticket for offering snacks and Having 6 lyft stickers on your bumper we get it you're a ride share driver why would you turn your wheel of your car to the left?? Doesn't make your Kia Optima any more snaZzZzy just makes it seem like you're gonna drive over the curb


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the ants make too much money from anting. especially those base trips to SD and SB

LAX want a piece of the pie


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Airport police is currently checking permits and giving tickets.

Can't say I'm mad at 'em. To many guys trying to sneak and pick up pax w/o that little TSA Lyft permit.

Not like the test is hard. Take the freakin' 5 minutes to do it and put the credential on your window. Datum