LAX pick up friends/family with Uber sign on car


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Hi all the veterans out there : ) So I have my car with "U" on my windshield, what's gonna happen if I just go LAX and pick up friend/family with app off? Do I need to take off the sticker? Or is it just gonna be fine?

I know I'm still new, so try not to eat me : (


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Your options are
1. Remove the sticker and pickup friends and family with no issues
2. Leave sticker, pickup friends and family and risk getting a ticket. With a possibility of ending up here with your picture as the idiot who didn't follow directions, and picked up pax at the non ride share designated area


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You don't need to take it off. I've picked up 3 different friends at lax with the uber sign up. I'm not going to keep taking it on and off if I'm not online. That's dumb and unnecessary work. Taking the Uber sign off your car whenever you aren't working is like thinking you have to go 65mph on the freeway. Unless you're major OCD, it's fine. Plus, if they stop you, all you have to do is show them your trip history. Duh.


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Everybody is a dude it today's vernacular

JAllStar just so you're aware it is illegal to have your trade dress(s) up when not online. Others that do it do so at risk as you will too.

I do not drive around without any trade dress (except on airport property doing Uber business) and I'm in violation so I would not recommend you do the same.


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You should be more worried about what your family will say once they find out your a Uber driver. They will undoubtedly ask you to commit suicide to preserve the family honor. Uber on and hide anything that might suggest you are Ubering.


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Cuz its a sticker...u unstick doesn't stick back as good the next time
It sticks just fine. You can put it up and take it down a thousand times and it'll be just like new. If I were you, I'd take them off several blocks from where you live and put them either in the glove box, the center consol, or the door pocket but somewhere that it would be impossible to see even a corner from outside the car. Then park your car in a one or two car garage and cover the car, tying the car cover down with heavy rope, cables and chains. Then enclose the entire vehicle in a lead-lined concrete box and don't forget to double lock the garage door when you leave. That should keep your secret safe from your prying, nosy ass neighbors.