LAX Drivers Seasoned and New


Hi all! Recently I have noticed an increase in agressive driving at LAX. I just want to let you all know I get it it’s tough to wait but getting cut off when following traffic laws isn’t fun, and in fact it can be scary.

Here are just a few places to watch out for and how you can avoid irritating other drivers.

When you first leave Jenny Avenue onto 96th two lanes turn left and only one Turns right. If you get caught in that left lane avoid a ticket and turn left, there is an equally as quick way to get to departures going left. I have seen several tickets handed out here.

If traffic is backed up on 96th some people hop in the left and pass the line and try to go back into the right lane just before the right turn onto the airport ramp. —- I have stopped letting people in when they do this because that lane is for going straight and the right lane is for turning right. If you hop back into line at the bus entrance that’s one thing, but illigally cutting cars off at the turn after they fairly waited their turn is a whole other issue. It actually causes traffic to slow down because of the bottleneck when a car cuts that lane.

If you are entering from the other ramp off of Sepulveda please pay attention to the lanes.

There are 3 lanes to departures. The far left goes to the far left on the horseshoe. This lane turns almost immediately onto the bridge to take you across to terminal seven.

If you accidentally find yourself in the far left lane and heading onto the bridge, please please please wait until you are fully through the turn to merge right. Don’t cut everyone off in the middle of the turn.

The second lane from the left as you approach goes to the second lane on the horseshoe. This lane becomes the far left lane. This is the ONLY lane that you can turn onto.

The furthest lane to the left and first lane to the right on the approach turns right onto the horseshoe and gets the right TWO lanes. One lane goes next to the terminals and the other becomes the middle lane.

Okay this is my safety guide! I know it’s tough to be patient but to summerize, DO NOT CUT LANES IN MID INTERSECTION TURNS. Wait until your turn is complete.