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Late to the party... Permits

Derek D Boen

New Member
So I haven't driven since late April because I was having some work done to my car, so I just started driving again yesterday. I ussually stay in Tarrant County because I don't have a valid vehicle permit for Dallas. I was planning to go get one today along with an airport permit, but I was reading this morning though that Texas has standardized rideshare laws throughout the state and it said I no longer need a driver's permit in Dallas as of May. Does this mean I don't need a vehicle permit anymore either? And if I do need a vehicle permit still, does anyone know where I go to get that? Thanks!

Derek D Boen

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DFW airport vehicle permit? Nice! Guess it's time to crawl out of my Fort Worth hobbit hole and get my drive on! Thanks!


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If there is no vehicle permit needed, how will Uber ensure that the car being used is in good shape and does not have any safety issue?


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Is the state 19 point inspection a prerequisite to renewing an airport permit? Or are they just handing these things out?


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Just remember, with the restrictions, permits and inspections gone, there are a whole lot more drivers out there competing for a $3.00 ride.

Mark Campagna

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I went to DFW to get a renewal today. Went early at 9:00am and was out in 15 mins.
They want vin #, drivers license and to see your Uber app is working.
They will verify state inspection when they take the sticker out to your vehicle.

I agree don't wait out there as the queue is stupid long, but I want mine just in case I drop off and get an immediate ping.