LAT - California lawmakers ease permitting rules for Uber and Lyft drivers


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Drivers for Uber and Lyft will only need one business license to work statewide under legislation headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

Senate Bill 182, which passed the state Senate Monday, would require a single license to drive passengers anywhere in the state, which drivers can obtain in the city where they live. Local governments don't typically enforce rules that require ride-hailing drivers to have business licenses, but in theory every city a driver passes through could charge a fee.


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As opposed to the none that we have now??
Progress! But seriously, with no license required you are open to every city and county enacting a licensure. Meaning you would have to eventually acquire 75-1500 different licenses. And that any company in the field would have to log each of your licenses and not send you requests that don't match your licensing profile. Do you trust UBER to follow that? Lyft?!?


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If the senate were to draft a bill regulating rates for TNCs I wonder how vocal Uber would be.

That's probably the only way we'll get an increase, find a state legislator that thinks we should get more than $2.40/hr


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Bradford’s bill would require drivers to get just one business license, issued in the city where they live. It also would restrict some public access to drivers’ addresses. Currently, cities often make such information about independent contractors — who might list business addresses or post office boxes on their license forms —available in online databases of business records.

Unions wanted this information to organize and were pushing these license requirements. Good thing those clowns won't have access now.


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If I am an employee of Uber, do I need a business license?
As far as I know, whether drivers are employees or IC is still undecided.