Last week 3 riders left something behind


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1. Friday night: Some1 left their phone...I reached out to UBER but they could not get in touch with the rider and he never tried calling UBER to get to me or he must think he didnt leave it behind after Ubering... my 15$ :frown:

2. Saturday night: picked up a couple...
The guy left his phone behind...he called me right away...I ignored and called him back saying I am far far away with a pax but was literally around the block just chillen Lol
I told him I'll give him a call once I'm around the area...about a HR later after I eat some dirty tacos...I called him that I am on my way, n he told me, Uber told him that I will be getting 15$ by me returning the phone...I said yea...He tipped me $10 on top...koo

3. Sunday Afternoon: took a couple from Mid Wilshire to Venice Beach...
Left his car and house keys....
My next rider which happened to be like 2 hrs later after I dropped them off, found the keys and gave them to me...
I reached out to UBER n told them it had to be my last rider...etc...He calls me and I was at Carson Stub hub so told him I am busy Ubering far far away( this time I was freals lol) he asks me numerous times if I can please return them...I said of course, told him it will take me few hours after I am done with my paxes...He said Ok...N told me like 10x I am gonna Tip u alot...(I'm like sure)
I had 1 case where he swore he was gonna Tip me n wen I get there he bust out oh man I have no cash bs... so I wasn't even really looking forward to it...I told myself if he gives me 10-20$ I'll jst get the 15$ thru Uber also...N if he gives me $40 I wont...
I met him at a tavern on wilshire...I handed him his keys...he just shoved a bill on my pocket...I didn't take it out in front of him...jst said thanks...N in my head I was thinking $5, $10, $20?
He gave me $100 :smiles:
And he called me again to thank me...I told him no THANK YOUUUUU

Made my day :biggrin: Screenshot_20170927-020149.jpg Screenshot_20170927-022245.jpg Screenshot_20170927-020356.jpg Screenshot_20170927-022141.jpg Screenshot_20170927-020737.jpg


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I thought this was the year of the driver? Why are you not happy for Fuber Pool at 2 cents a mile? :-)