Las Vegas market vs Seattle .....

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Well, people in Las Vegas are too desperate due to the high unemployment rate and throwing them selves into the Uber scam. Look at the current rates in Seattle, WA.

UberX - $1.35
UberXL - $2.75


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Cost of living?
Same due to the fact that some Uber drivers actually live in their cars! McDonald s and jack in the box both have dollar menus. So Seattle is the winner! This rant is for humor only. Seattle is closer to a San Franciso type city and Vegas is more like Fresno.
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I am a Seattle native. Born and raised. Vegas is not even remotely comparable to Seattle. Cost of living is very high, ridiculously high. Vegas is still a blue collar mecca with regards to cost of living. A maid or landscaper can easily own their own home. Vegas is flooded with more tourists in a few months than Seattle sees in a year. Seattle is also a much more labor oriented city than Vegas.Despite our strong union presence, Nevada is still a red state.