Language issue today


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Ok, we all have had comprehension issues with customers here and there. Today, it made me quit for the day.

I picked up three pax in the Los Feliz area during the boost this morning - about 945. They pile in and off we go. My routine goes like this:

Your name please?
'Ok, I'm Tod, let's see where you are going'
'123 Island Ave, Wilmington"

As we go, the mamasan is frowning and speaking in her lingo to her daughter. The daughter is the paying passenger - she asked for the address again. I read her the address she put in and she says 'that's it, I just pushed the button'. The Mother says no, Los Angeles.

So I pull into a gas station and point to the Mother that her daughter claims she just hit the before-used address, and perhaps like Westchester, that Wilmington might be LA proper. I adjusted the address to reflect LA and was ready to go, when the daughter changed the address and Wilmington came up.

I asked the Mother to spell the street

The daughter misunderstood and put ISLAND.

I thought it was funny.


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I heard 20 Charles instead of 20 Child the other night in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And both of us speak English as a first language!

He said take a right, I said no.

Good thing we clarified it in a good manner, and he tipped me, a cab driver, regardless.

Sure, that's why Uber can be better than cabs:. Pax likely would have typed the destination beforehand, and Uber drivers simply follow. In cabs, the cabbie and/or pax may have communication issues, there's often an invasive partition in the way, plus the driver can't know every street (even a very experienced driver like me who drives nights finds it hard to notice a lot of signs and major focal points if it's 2 a.m. and all the lights on a facade are off). With Uber, even if it's my first night and I don't know the area, I'd get them there just be using the app with the pre-programnwd destinations.