Lancaster, Pa.


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Yeah... I've been driving since March, and in the last several weeks I have seen Surge appearances reduce DRAMATICALLY. Feeling very frustrated and considering calling it quits if it doesn't get adjusted by Uber soon. Even the famed 2:00 am on Friday has been non-existent the last few weeks.
Because there are too many drivers. Uber makes you believe one thing and delivers something else. Lancaster is a small market but there are 30 to 40 drivers on any given Friday or Saturday night


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I am so frustrated over my car repairs that I am thinking about bensing over and getting stuck for a car note. That is only if Uber is okay in Lancaster county. I stay in Columbia after moving from Philly. I will be content with only $20 a day for that covers the note. Can I make that in an hour? How could has it been for you in that county?


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Still driving since early January and loving the experiences I have been having. Don't have Facebook but would be interested in meeting other drivers.


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Not sure how many other drivers there are in Lancaster but, It seems pretty open?
If you want full time money come to the Philadelphia area. All you need to do is get to coatsville area and use your destination filter to get to the city. Also if you change your driver area to Philly there will be more promotions for you to make more