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Lady told me ‘this’s such a Ghetto’ when she saw old newspapers on top of the floor mats

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Umut, Jan 13, 2019 at 8:39 PM.

  1. Umut


    We have been getting lots of snow lately in Denver. I decided to put newspaper on top of the mats to keep my car interior clean, replace used newspapers on the floor every few hours. But this lady I picked up today said newspaper on top of the mats such a Ghetto idea, looks very trashy. I did not say anything to her.. I think she rated me 1 star. Should I report her to Uber ?
  2. Maybe you should get rid of the newspapers.

    Don't you have floor mats to catch the snow?
  3. Pretty sure he's got mats, he says so, he appears to be using the papers to simplify cleanup.

    It's not a decision I would make but to each his own.

    Sounds like he's going to have to decide which he likes more, the simplified process of keeping his car clean, or higher ratings.

    Seems kind of a no brainer to me but I guess we'll see.
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  4. Z129

    Z129 Moderator

    Report her for what? Not liking the newspapers on the floor?

    Does Denver even have a ghetto area nowadays? I lived in downtown Denver for a bit in the early 80s and it was definitely a ghetto back then. I literally lived across the street from a soup kitchen and the buildings on both corners were burnt down.
  5. Umut


    I have rubber floor mat already. Snow is melting at the moment, mats gets extremely dirty without newspaper on top
  6. Geez, newspaper + melted snow
    That’s NOT GHETTO
    MORE LIKE Homeless

    Your foot wells must look & reek like
    The bottom of a Bird Cage

  7. CTK


    That *is* ghetto.

    What would you report her for??
  8. “Definition of Character”
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  9. Hey pal, the lady is right, take the hint,jmo
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  10. mbd


    Get a cardboard from a used box
  11. What exactly would you report her for?

    I think you should pick up some all weather mats instead of the news papers.
  12. Perhaps you should stop worrying about your rubber mats being wet or dirty. That is what they are designed for. If you must clean your backseat at all (which you are doing only for YOU as it does not affect tips or ratings to ignore it totally) do it once when the storm has passed and things are dry.
  13. TwoFiddyMile


  14. x100


    Los Angeles
    if you have .99 cents store they used to have mats for cars too. YOu can throw a set on the top of ur good mats when it rains.
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  15. Mm cm

    Mm cm

    It is if you create get keep your car nice for public transportation
  16. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Perhaps if you used current newspapers that pax could read on the trip you wouldn’t receive any complaints.
  17. Seamus


    New York
    Putting newspaper on your floor = terrible idea.

    However, if you are intent on doing that then I suggest cutting up cardboard to cover your seats. Kinda matches the newspaper and you can get a whole "theme" going. Scatter some empty liquor bottles around as well. If anyone complains just explain to them you are trying to give them "an experience".
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  18. If your so worried about the dirt or mud, just keep some papers towels handy and clean up after every 3 or 4 passengers
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  19. I can't say I blame her really. Get rubber floor mats and run around with windex or something.
  20. njn


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