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Lady pax wants to use me as arm candy...

Discussion in 'Stories' started by DamseLinDistresS, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. It's Friday night, there's a feeling of anticipation in the air as I'm excited for the weekend. I had already been driving for a few hours but nothing really to be excited about since most of my pax's had been girls.

    Don't get me wrong sometimes it's fun driving around some of these girls as we have some things in common like, bashing men, girl stuff in general, or singing car karaoke together. The disappointment comes when many of these female pax's don't tip.

    Occasionally I'll get a tip from a female pax but not very often. Most of my tips come from male pax's but I know many of you guys get excited when you see a female pax name on your app (not going to say names) but you guys know who you are. Guys be salivating over picking up some random "hot" girl.

    A few hours later I'm driving in a nice part of town. I get a ping from a Nicole. I see the name and immediately frown. I was ready to cancel on this one as I'm thinking great! This night keeps getting better and better. I'm getting closer to the address and I see people dressed really nice. I'm talking about suits and gala style dresses.

    Nicole, the woman I'm picking up is wearing a dark navy blue blazer, cream portofino shirt, and a midnight blue pinstripe high waisted pencil skirt. Nicole is an attractive brunette and looks to be around 35 years of age.

    I notice she has a small carry on luggage with wheels. I get out to greet her and help her put the small luggage in the trunk.

    While putting the small luggage in the back and close the trunk, Nicole tells me to stay still. I'm not sure what she's doing but I just stand there as she digs in her purse. She takes out a small measuring tape and says,"I'm just taking measurements, okay?" Confused I said hmm, okay!? After measuring me she says, "All set, I think this will work."

    Nicole sits in the front seat. As I got in the car she asked if I was an open minded girl. Without much hesitation I said, yes I am! I told her that I was willing to try new things at least once.

    Then the conversation proceeded as follow:

    Nicole: I'm going to be very blunt with you. I am a very successful career woman. I'm here on a business conference event for a few days. I live in Tustin. I'm in my mid to late 40's. I'm also the executive Vice President and chief financial officer for a extremely successful firm up in Irvine.

    Me: Wow! You...

    I get interrupted by her immediately and sense a presence of an authoritarian personality.

    Nicole: Most of the people in these events are men. There's not a lot of women in my position, but a lot of these men are usually accompanied by young beautiful girls.

    Me: How often are these conferences?

    Nicole: Very often this is why I need an exotic beautiful girl to come with me to the after events. Ideally you will be by my side as arm candy.

    This conversation went in a very different direction than expected.

    Me: Sorry, I'm not sure I follow.

    Nicole: You are beautiful and even have the exotic accent to go with the look that many men/women would love. I want the men here to see you in my arm and be the envy during our gatherings.

    Me: I...

    Nicole: I will take care of you. I will spoil you like no one ever has. The first thing I want to do for you is get you new clothes. I want to take you on a shopping spree to Burberry, Hermes, Prada, Armani, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, these are some of the stores I like to go. I have a few conditions that you have to agree to and fulfill before I can spoil you.

    Me: What do you mean?

    Nicole: I will set goals for you. How tall are you? How much do you weight and how old are you?

    She went straight to personal questions...

    Me: I'm 5'8" and I'm between 142-148lbs. I'm %# years old.

    Nicole: I need you to be 120lbs. I will set a deadline and track the milestones during your weight loss. For every 5lbs you lose I will take you on a shopping spree, each time you lose 5lbs you will earn a shopping spree.

    Me: Why do I need to lose that much weight?

    Nicole: If you're going to be my arm candy you need to look your best and 120lbs will get you there.

    Me: Last time I weighted 120lbs was in High School. Before I got to the weight I am now I used to be somewhere between 130-134lbs. I would love to go back to 130-132lbs and that would be ideal weight for me.

    Nicole: That's not good enough!

    Me: I'm not sure I'll be able to lose that much weight in that short amount of time to get to 120lbs.

    Nicole: You will. You will have a personal chef making all your meals. You will be in a strict diet for several weeks. You will also have my personal trainer working with you at the gym while I'm at work. Then in the evenings 3-4 days a week you will join me at the gym during my sessions.

    Me: What about my job and where I live?

    Nicole: You will live with me and that's your job. There will be many nights when I come home exhausted from work and all I'll want to do is relax. If I want a full body massage, you will provide it. I expect to have a glass of wine to help me unwind. If I drop my pants in front of you I expect you to go down on me and eat the s#%* out of my kitty ( kitty is not exactly the word she used).

    I'm secure enough with my sexuality that doing something for this lady (going down on her) will be just like going on a diet, trying a new exotic dish or walking your dog. We don't like to walk our dogs sometimes but it's good for them. It's not a deal breaker taking care of some kitty, it's just another thing on her list that I will need to do.

    But I just can't get over that...

    This lady wants me to quit driving for Uber and quit my regular job. A lot of you guys would be upset if you were to lose your Uber jobo_O, so I'm sure you understand where I am coming from:( to do away with my current life and live a new one.

    Initially I went along with this conversation because I wanted to see where it would go. Now, this is something that I wasn't expecting and a very unusual request coming from a female pax.

    I told her I was overwhelmed by the things she told me. That I couldn't give her the answer she was looking for right at that moment, that I would need some time to think about it and then I would let her know.

    Looking at her eyes I knew she wanted an answer from me and was willing to do something she had never done before. She said,"I will send for someone to pick you up in a week, and bring you to my place...I will give you two weeks of living with me to see how well you can adjust to being with me."

    I told her I wasn't sure if I could take a few days off from work so soon, but I would see what I could do. She gave me her business card and her cellphone number.

    We get to her destination. I get out to get the luggage and the last thing she tells me before walking away was...

    "I have to tell you, I am very high maintenance and I expect things to be done at home the moment I ask you to. I expect a call from you within a week from now, then I can send someone to pick you up. If I don't hear from you I will move on but at least have the courtesy to call me back."

    Now this is my dilemma. I have a few days left to call her or my chance at being arm candy for this lady will be gone. I've been wanting to update my wardrobe for quite sometime now, so this might be my only chance at it. I'm feeling very conflicted at this moment. What to do...what to do? :confused:
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  2. Hmmm, a female inspired by Harvey Weinstein?:eek::p
  3. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    How do all these exciting things...

    Seem to happen to you and SadUber...

    Things that happen to me...

    Are much more subtle and not as exciting...

    Butt...then again I am a simian...

    A good banana and a good friend...

    and I'm happy...8>)

  4. BSki


    Orange County
    Starting to think saduber has a mirror
  5. DocT

    DocT Moderator

    Los Angeles (South Bay)
    DamseLinDistresSDamseLinDistresS I... ummm... wow... I'm at a loss of words for what you just posted. Sounds like a live-in slave to me.
  6. PrestonT


    Las Vegas
    I had a ****** try to give me a neck massage.

    Close enough?
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  7. The comments in this thread so far are making me feel like I'm 2huntforme. I'm liking them all!
  8. How well did she tip?
  9. MikeAdonis


    Go for it. At least get at least your average uber income and job income from her. Plus you get those expensive clothes etc. I see you have a great writing skill too
  10. That's the way I felt after dropping her off. Loss at words and thinking did that just really happened?

    Didn't really thought about it that way(live-in slave), it kind of does feel that way but why would she want to spoil me as well? Then again I might just be a bird in a gilded cage:(
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  11. I say, if you can do it without screwing up your other job, take her up on the trial offer, talk about an experience! Plus a new designer label wardrobe. Hell, id consider jumping teams if made a similar offer.
    Long term, well that would be a little more complicated.

    You'd have to genuinely be attracted to
    her physically and somewhat emotionally.

    When she tires of you, you're gone. It could be a month or 5 years. You'd need some kind of contract to protect yourself, and an attorney for the contract.

    You'd basically be a live in prostitute, I'm sure eventually you'd be asked/told to entertain a specail business associate or five. Are you okay with that?

    If you do decide to do this, even the two week trial, negotiate Everything. Counter every offer, she's a business women, she'll be lowballing every offer, if she offers 10 tell her you want 25. Do not settle for the first offer.

    I wouldn't want my daughter to do this, but is encourage my sister to! Of course is want to be the agent for 20% !
  12. To answer you first question. It was a 15-18 minute ride and she only tipped me $5...so I don't know if I should be discouraged by that.

    I like the way you think;) I was also thinking of just doing the trials as well just for those shopping sprees. A lot of those designer clothes are in the thousands of dollars that I might be able to sell some and make a pretty good profit out of it.

    Jumping teams in the long term? Well, what if you end up liking it? Might not be as complicated as you think :rolleyes:

    She looks younger than her age and physically she is attractive...but the emotional part I question. She's a type A person and I'm a type B, this is the complicated part.

    A living in prostitute? :eek: I'm sure I will have a nicer title than that. I'm thinking maybe executive assistant? As long as I'm getting paid or something beneficial in return I'll be okay with entertaining someone else ( you know just for the experience of it):oops:

    Hahaha! Classic throwing you sister under the bus :D
  13. PrestonT


    Las Vegas
    If she's Type A and you're Type B, you are a perfect match for your new dominatrix.
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  14. Sounds like a very tempting offer. Tell her to double your total income from both Uber and your regular job, plus a spending allowance. Definitely protect yourself with a contract. Let her know if you're not willing to perform sexual favors for anyone except her, or anyone else you are comfortable with. I don't know about your other job but you can come back to Uber anytime...anything that provides an alternative to driving Uber should be seen as a blessing.

    Once you are well off, you don't have to Uber on those days that's it's slow or your otherwise not feeling it. But make sure to still give that 5 star service
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  15. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    I agree with all so far...

    Butt...keep the Uber gig...

    That's your independence...

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  16. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    This includes pay? Beyond just a place to live and free food and clothes? Do you get time off where you can leave the home and do fun things you want to do or work on hobbies/projects, even drive for Uber?
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  17. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    This CEO is clearly a lesbian but if she is in such a high powered position, forcing people to things that she wants is just in her nature.

    If you do go through with this, I don't care how well you 'lick the kittie', she is gonna toss your ass out on the road side in less than 6 months...then you are homeless and jobless. Think about it...
  18. Lol.. no, actually I'm pretty protective of my sister, well I was when we were younger. I just meant that I'd approve of it. My daughter, I want her to be the one making the offer.

    Prostitute was probably a bit strong, but there would definitely be some morals shuffling to be done.

    Get her to pay your mortgage/rent plus bills for the month plus fill your closet. Maybe you just found your sugar mamma. She probably works 10-14 hours a day, she'll sleep 5-8, showers, earing, the gym... tjere won't be a lot of .... kitty time. I'm my mind there will but... realistically how much idle time do you think she'd actually have?

    Go for it.

    50 shades of pink
  19. Uberingdude


    I smell featured thread!

    In any case---you got her photo?
  20. B T E !

    even though I assume Damsel is a 60-year-old bald, fat dude living in his mom's basement, I enjoy the escapism of a well told yarn
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