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labor day weekend


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How did the Holiday weekend go for Fares?
Better or Worse?
Friday was back to back fares from 6 to 10 PM with a trip from Carrollwood to St Pete, with tip. On another fare I got a $10 tip for a cancel. The pax decided to take his car, he met me at the gate and gave me the money for my troubles he said.
Saturday was better than normal for me I got about 5 surge fares 5 PM to 2 AM and was very steady.


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I thought the weekend before was a hell of a lot better. I also am the one calling it a night by 12 or making my way home a little after. Sunday was decent minus a technical issue on my side with my car charger being stupid and no one in Tampa outside of Walmart (whose lines were out the ass) that sold one that wanted to work that forced me to call it a night following a fare from Clearwater Beach to Ybor. All in all though weekend was productive and did what I needed it to do.


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Best weekend I've had, except for Labor Day, which was pretty much dead. Saturday was the best and Sunday almost as good. I only work from 4 am till whenever though so I don't know how the nights were. For the week, surges were great and I made almost as much as in regular fares.


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Speaking of Labor Day weekend, did anyone participate in whatever the three-day promotion they were having was? I got an email about it a few weeks ago but never saw what it was.


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Sunday was the worst I ever had. Worked from about 7am till I called it quits about 2pm. Sitting all day in red, orange, and yellow zones and my phone was silent. 6 Trips and about $50 bucks.

Same hours on Monday and made over $125 without any surge or heat zones. Not a good day by any means but better than Sunday.
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I had a good weekend, nothing outrageous but plenty of mid-range fares, couple long ones and a few short ones. Drove 16.5 hours over Fri-Sat-Sun nights, would've put in more hours but can't really fit that into my life. Had a trip each night over the bridge, got a trip back twice, had to make it over on my own once. Had a couple surge fares and a few prime-time fares. Even managed to get 4 tips from Uber rides.

Noticed a few 'new' riders for Lyft, hopefully they are marketing and drawing people in around here.

The best fare of the weekend wasn't even very long, only about $14... but the PAX prime-timed themselves! I drove to the pickup spot, passing by 3 people I suspected to be my fare walking around the corner onto the much busier main road. So I went to the pin and waited a few mins, nothing happening. I figured I would just whip around the block and try to flag them down since they seemed to be having trouble figuring out what was going on. Half way around the block, I get a cancel - fml. So I pull over on the side street, not 10 seconds later, same PAX requests again, this time it's at 50% prime-time, haha, burn. I accept, pick them up on the main road, and drive them to the club, yo.

Cliffs: Good weekend, 16.5 hrs @ $18.06/hr trueNet, PAX are dumb.

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