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Labor Day Weekend Drive or relax?


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Is there really a reason to work Labor Day Weekend? Especially in the Sacramento area? I've been out since 8:30 and only got one short trip so far. It's now just about 11am.


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Ouch, I'm no where near you as I'm in Michigan, but I just started driving with Uber for the holiday weekend. Ended up waiting a couple hours for my first trip, but once I got my first one? It was pretty busy for me after that.


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Depends on your market.

We have a state fair here so it's a great time to drive
I'm in the Chicago suburbs and yesterday, I got two huge trips ($44-47 after uber fees). One from Crystal Lake to Des Plaines and then one from Wheeling to Antioch. Other than that, I got four small trips averaging $5 each. Sadly for me, Uber is just my side gig and I'm working 3PM-midnight tonight, then 5-11PM tomorrow and Monday. I would have loved to be available to drive all day again.

I think things will be busier all day Monday, but for the rest of the weekend, the peak wouldn't start until the afternoon. I would advise to just keep an eye on your map and see where the demand/surge is.

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Labour Day weekend is unpredictable in the Washington market. Friday was pretty good, to-day, Saturday was pretty good,as well. This is for Uber Taxi, mind you. I do not know how UberX is doing, here, this weekend. You would think that it would be slow,especially since gasolene is so inexpensive (relatively, at least) .

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