Kona Side Business Slowing Down?


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Hey all, I’ve been logged in for over 5 hours today and have only had one ride for a grand total of $3.83

I spent 1 hour in the airport queue, 2 hours in Kona and 2 hours in Waikoloa. How could I only get one ride? When I started at the beginning of the year i was averaging around $25/hr, although that’s the bogus Uber “hour” which doesn’t count sitting and waiting. It has gotten slower and slower and slower until this past week I’m now under $12/hr based on Uber’s definition of an hour. Now today I’m at 75 cents an hour?!

For reference I have a vehicle that can take 7 passengers so I always have X and XL available. My rating is 4.97. Acceptance rate is 95%. Decline rate is 1%.

Do new drivers get all the rides or is it just that saturated over here?


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New drivers get a honeymoon period. U/L make the drivers feel like it’s a good job. This gets the driver to send out referrals to their friends to become drivers. Especially when the new driver is telling all their friends how great it is . Multi level marketing at its best!