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(Pickup from a hotel downtown)

Where ya from?

New York.

What brings you into town?

I'm a musician.

Cool, what kind of music?

Jazz, but I like all kinds.

Right on. I'm guessing you didn't come all the way from New York to play at Joe's bar & grill, where's the gig?

I forgot the name of the place. We got in late last night. Let me look it up ... the "Mow-Duh" center.

-- This guy is the drummer for Michael Buble, who is in concert Friday night at the Moda!! --

Yes, he tipped.


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I've had a few sorta successful people in the entertainment biz, one an r & b/rap guy who had limited commercial notoriety, one who was a rocker and opened for some big hair bands back in the 80's, and one who was a scout for an opposing NBA team. Oh, and a former PDX tv news anchor who was now doing multimedia vintage car race/auction stuff.
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I picked up a older center for the Blazers named Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje the other night from the airport.

I couldn't help but giggle a little bit when seeing him trying to fit into a Prius which surprisingly he did.