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Kids these days!


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Driving this morning on my way home at 930, I get one more ping - a motel off macgregor and riverside. Well, it's morning it should be safe. I pull in - it's 2 little boys about 10 yrs old! Backpacks, school uniform, clean cut and polite. Destination - montrose. Okay..... I'm thinking st. Thomas? Maybe Lanier middle? But they get dropped off at the Legacy free clinic?????

What are they doing at a motel? In the hood of riverside? How do they have a cellphone and a credit card? Why aren't they in school? Why are they late? Why are they going to the free clinic? What is going on here?


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Yes, my first question would have been: "Where are your parents or legal guardian?" If they couldn't have produced one it would have been an automatic cancel.

Further, if there would have been an adult around I would have made them ride along or refused service.


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I would of asked, "how come your not in school?" Perhaps they would tell you why/where they are going.


As others have said, parent/guardian needs to be with them for transport.

From Uber's TOS: You may not authorize third parties to use your Account, and you may not allow persons under the age of 18 to receive transportation or logistics services from Third Party Providers unless they are accompanied by you.

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