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Kicked out riders Uber XL


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Got a ping for a 13 dollar surge ride downtown Mountain View on Castro. At 2am. Usually get good groups of people and I avoid people lower than 4.8 at this time.

Well passengers get in and start making smart ass comments on stuff. They asked if I had a light In the back ( I have a 18 Honda Odyssey ) I turned on the light and the dudes rolling a joint. I told him not to smoke that in my car. Comes back at me with another smart remark. I pulled the car over and cancelled the ride passengers refused to get out. Front seat passenger kept my door opened and started to record. Rear passengers wouldn’t get out so I just dialed 911 which Castro had a bunch of cops near by anyway. They ended up leaving after I called and slammed my door.

What do we do In these situations? I reported to Uber which came back with the generic response of we will no longer pair this rider with you.
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My very next ride was a xl ride with 8 dollar surge going .7 miles away. Group tipped me 20 dollars cash! Made up for the loss on that previous ride