Kicked out my first female pax last night.


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In over 2500 rides I kicked out my first Female pax. I have kicked out a few man-child idiots a couple times, even a male/female couple once. Maybe I tolerate more from female pax but this was a first for me.

Weeknights are usually very tame. Its always been the Fri/Sat drunken bar crowd I've had to kick out in the past. Pull up to a pick up and 2 twenty something females get in. It didn't take long to guess they spent their afternoon drinking. Female versions of Dumb and Dumber and I see a fifteen minute ride on the parkway is going to be torture listening to these two.

Suddenly "Nicole" yells OH NO BEER FART and lets one rip. Loud and stanky, and they are laughing hysterically. Open the sunroof to let a little air in. A minute later she yells INCOMING and rips another one louder and worse than the first, again laughing hysterically. I asked her if I needed to pull over so she could go to the bathroom. From the rearview mirror I see her tap her friends arm and BOOM number 3 goes off. Ok, now I know she is having fun at my expense so going down the parkway at 55 mph open all four windows and let them enjoy the hurricane.

As we are going down the Parkway they are yelling at me to put the windows up, nope. Sorry, got to air the car out. Guess it doesn't seem so funny anymore so "Nicole" yells above the wind noise PUT THE WINDOW UP A-HOLE! Ok, thats it.

Not in the mood for the fun and games anymore, next exit get off drop them at a gas station and end the ride. I told "Nicole" they had a nice bathroom at this gas station. 1* her and reported to Uber the riders made me feel uncomfortable in case they tried to make some accusations against me.

Who would think at 7 o'clock on a Tuesday night?


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Definitely the right thing to do. Even though I can tolerate a lot from female pax and not kick them out, that would've caused me to do the same: find a gas station, fast food joint etc., tell them this is it, end the ride and report to U/L.

No need to tolerate that kind of shit. :mad: