Kicked out 2 drunks right in front of Deal Police cars


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Way drunk guy was play fighting and getting on my nerves. They wanted to go to Centerfolds after a Donovan's pick up.
Guy kept pushing his body against my seat as he kept messing with his buddies. They kept asking me to stop and get pizza so my plan was to drop them at Asbury in front of pizza fried chicken place then roll on.
I didn't want to have a confrontation as they were oblivious to me and were becoming a real nuisance and distraction. For the new people on here the TOS states if someone is a nuisance or a distraction you can boot them out. I was biting my tongue and didn't say anything. I am going down Ocean Ave in Deal and see 2 cop cars parked on a corner on my side of the road . The lesser drunk who was a dick in his own right says why is this guy pulling over. I get out of the car and say get out of the car. Cop comes walking over. Drunk guy who was behind men was barely capable of moving and said nothing. Other guy is giving me heat saying I can't believe I'm making a scene. Cop was cool and I explained it's a safety issue .
As I am heading toward AP I see a cop car with lights on flying in the opposite direction and I thought that maybe drunk guy got ornery. So I send a message to support and 5-10 minutes later I get a call from foober.
I was very happily surprised that the guy was articulate and empathetic and explained that he was removing rider from platform - good development in my opinion.