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Could some kind soul within the group confirm what the 'Kansas City Vehicle for Hire Driver’s Certificate' actually is? For whatever reason, the sample documentation that used to be available on the old 'Uber Missouri' WordPress site is no longer accessible on the newest Uber Kansas City website. Bad call Uber KC... would really help me here.

I had assumed until now the laminated ID card that Regulated Industries gave me on the final visit was indeed the required 'Driver's Certificate'. That card and the windshield sticker were the only two items I received. No other paperwork, nothing.

After 3 uploads of a scan of the laminated card to Uber and three 'MISSING' responses for the Driver's Certificate, I'm assuming in the lack of information from Uber's horrible communication this is something different I did not receive. I have successfully submitted all the other required docs.

The kind rep at Regulated Industries said the card was indeed the required document and nothing else was being sent to me in the mail or otherwise. I wish I didn't have to go into the Uber office to sort this crap out but I'm left with no other options at this point.

Thanks and safe driving to all.


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No, unfortunately, I have not.

I made the mistake of stopping by the Uber office one morning last week but forgot they don't open until 1PM on weekdays.


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Did you email them? I usually email them when I have issues and usually get prompt responses. I have had they system kick me out a couple times and Uber has been pretty quick to fix it. You only need your insurance, business license, drivers license and drivers sticker to drive. Good luck