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Picked up 6 FSU drunk girls. One of them mocked me for my age the whole trip. As she was getting out, she stumbled and fell face first on the sidewalk. Pretty sure she broke her nose or knocked out some teeth. There was a lot of blood. I drove away with a smile on my face.


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Dang... See I was afraid of stuff like that before I started, cause I live right by an expensive popular private college. Kinda had a vision of a bunch of spoiled obnoxious bratty drunk college kids. Happily surprised that isn't the case. Except the drunk part. Actually the party kids are way more courteous and nice than the straitlaced kids. Go figure.

I don't enjoy the pain of others....but... Karma is a B.


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With age comes the ability to lead with your feet and not your face. I would of laughed so hard it would of been a sure 1 star and a hit for professionalism.