Karma is the Sweetest Revenge

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Anyone have any great stories on awful,mean, rude riders and karma bites them back; like they forgot something in your car and you conveniently don't find it tossed in a sewer. :biggrin::cool:

Yea, me either...


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A passenger over the weekend SLAMMED my door closed as he exited the vehicle. When I say slammed, I mean he did a powerful swing to make a statement to his cool friends who were waiting for him outside of the bar to show just how "macho" he is. A few seconds later after completing the trip on the app, I noticed that he had dropped his keys on the seat he was sitting on. I drove off, safely stopped in a spot and proceeded to contact Uber Support on a lost item found in my vehicle. Twenty minutes later that passenger calls me and begged to meet up so that he may retrieve his keys back. He offered $15 cash for my good deeds, but I told him that $10 would do since I was only 5 miles away from his location at that point.

Moral of the story? Never purposefully slam someones door shut. I would have honked my horn and got his attention to come back to the vehicle for his keys right when I found it had he not acted that way towards my vehicle.We had a lovely ride full of laughs. His ego just got in his head.. haha


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I have one with some good karma. Pick up at river north hotel going to ORD, 1.3x boost. Guy from India on business. Get by Nagle and he realizes that he forgot passport back at hotel. He asks "Do you mind going back?" Not at all, your dime and traffic is clear. When I finally finish getting him back to airport, my payout was $52, plus he tipped me $30. Probably my best ride to date.