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I am currently making about 4 hundo a week at my current dead-end job. I have always wanted to drive a uber full time. First, i need to get a presentable car. Can I realistically make 700 or more a week driving uber? I will do whatever it takes, even if it means driving all night. Please PM me or reply, I am not trying to infringe your income. I am just looking to network and partake in some sense of community, in this city which is attempting to eat me up. I am the sole breadwinner in my house and I have succumbed to extreme depression which has made me question my very existence on this earth. I am a super nice and lovable person, I just do fit into their "system." Will this work for me?

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You can generate $700 in revenue, yes.

Making (as in profiting) $700 a week is doubtful.

The math doesn't add up.

Uber/Lyft driving is like taking a $25 value chunk of your car and turning it into a crisp $20 bill. It's cash flow. Nothing more.

You won't make enough to replace the asset you are literally driving into the ground.



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If you buy a car for rideshare, you are 1 major breakdown away from catastrophe. Most loan companies and buy here/ pay here places will hesitate to give you a loan, unless your other job will cover the note.

If you are only making 4 hundos a week, you should find a job that pays $$$. Most banks don't accept hundos as payment. Seriously though, your time would be better spent trying to find a better day job or schooling to get you qualified for a better job.

If you are seriously depressed, it will make rideshate difficult. Paxholes will pick up on it anx down rate you and not tip.


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Buy the right car about 8 years old with low miles and use it as a business tool. Don't worry about driving it into the ground, it is just a car and they will make more of them. Retain some earnings every week or month for repairs or down payment on a new one. Preferably have enough (5-6k) to pay cash for a new ride if needed. It isn't hard to gross 1000 a week in KC if you are willing to put in the hours (40-50 a week) and drive smart. Keep track of all miles and meals and other accessories you buy for the job.


relatively new to the Uber thing, (6 months) but I don't rely on this money to pay my bills. you're literally playing Russian roulette with your car if you're relying on it to help pay your bills. my car is 2015, and I take meticulous care of it, but i did that before I did Uber. mechanically, it's pristine, but a lot of used cars come with other folks hidden problems. I got extremely lucky when I bought mine (used) two years ago. not telling you how to make your cash, but Uber/Lyft is an unmerciful grind, and most folks who step into the pool jump out pretty quickly when they realize the outside costs that it takes. also, use YouTube to research for at least two weeks, there is a crap ton free info out there that you may want to hear/see before you dive in. good luck, bro.


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I say dive in and make the best of it. Definitely use a referral code to get whatever bonus is available. Try to drive when there isn't a lot of traffic. I went out at 3am Sat night/Sun am for 2.5 hours and made $75, easy money.