Kansas City market for UberSELECT, and Lyft Plus


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Just curious how it's working out for drivers with premium cars; is there much of a market or are you doing mostly Lyft & Uber X runs?.

Here's my context, I'm getting ready to buy a new vehicle (I need..ok ok I want... one anyway, NOT specifically for ride share). I'm debating between my original plan of a Ford C-Max vs a Used BMW for roughly the same cost.


I would say C Max. You will run X the whole day with your BMW. Very low demand for select.


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I needed a short ride to work a couple months ago and decided to try out Select. Service was ok, guy showed up in a Lexus CT, kind of a small hatch back. It wasn't worth the extra I spent for the ride which was more than double what I paid in the past for X. The reason I mention this is because other Riders probably felt the same thing and would decide not to order a select because of the much higher mileage rate for not much nicer car. I didn't expect a Luxury vehicle to show up, but for what it cost my expectations were higher. Funny thing is if i ordered an X ride the same guy/car probably would have shown up.


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The thing about Select is leather. If you have a suit or anything nice you take a gamble on X. Smells and stains on cloth seats are hard to get out. Leather you just wipe it clean.