Just visited Sacramento.


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So I'm a Reno driver, I recently dropped off a pax in Sacramento. It is pretty absurd how your highways at 3 AM are covered in "55 MPH ENFORCED" construction zones when I don't see any construction in sight. Not to mention the absurdly large quantity of police cars hiding on the side of the road in unlit areas with no street lights, near your copious non-construction zones. I also like your bright blue LEDs at your stoplights, no doubt to remind drivers that they have a red light cam while they wait for minutes at an empty intersection at 3 AM for the light to change colors.

I did bear witness to a police chase where the cops were weaving between us at around 100+ mph on the foggy roads to go after some guy.

I managed to drive through your city without getting any traffic tickets, unless they send me one in the mail from a camera.

I did an UberEATS delivery while I was there, since your gas stations apparently don't let anyone use the restrooms. I wonder if I'm going to be expected to file CA income tax for doing a food delivery in your city! Arguably it is a wash with the IRS considering the miles I drove for the low pay. Or maybe I'm expected to report directly to jail for doing food delivery without whatever absurd licenses your state undoubtedly requires that I lack, I'm not sure.

My hat is off to you Sacramento drivers. It doesn't seem like a city I would want to drive in.
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My hat is off to you Sacramento drivers. It doesn't seem like a city I would want to drive in.
Sacramento is a shitty city known for its tomato agriculture and close proximity of its historical Campbell Soup Factory that existed to turn all the rotten tomatoes into soup.
The Campbell soup factory bailed out of the area a few years ago due to fewer tomato farms now -- You pronounce it "Sacramento," but everybody else still pronounces it "Sack-a-Tomato."


The blue LED lights are the pod cams for Sacramento Police. They are there for vehicle accidents and monitor the area.

The 55mph zones are lame lol we never follow the 55mph unless a CHP is on duty.

We don't need a business license to do uber or Lyft or any other app based system. We dont even get a 1099 unless we made more than 15K. So technically uncle Sam doesn't know my uber cash.